Innovate, Be an Early Adopter or Perish

Date: 02-Aug-2018

In order to stay in the game, innovation has become a must. This fact holds relevance with regard to the stream of HR as well. Gone are the days, when individuals had long-stretched loyalties to their organizations. Today, it has become extremely difficult to retain employees. The rate of job switchovers is extremely high.

Innovate or lose your Manpower:

Moreover, there is cut-throat competition in the market. It takes no time for a Number 1 organization to slip to Number 2. What follows next, are employees of other organizations moving to the firm that has newly acquired the Number 1 spot. The best way of dealing with such situations is to either keep innovating or immediately adapt to the competitor’s innovative move so as to prevent losing one’s position. If you fail to do so, you will take no time to perish.

Reduce Training Costs:

In order to sustain and survive in the forever-demanding markets, it is vital to manage finances wisely. One area that organizations end up spending heavily is undoubtedly employee training. Traditional training methodologies come out to be very expensive. However, they fail to give out the desired results. This is one area wherein top organizations look to innovate a lot. This is exactly where; concepts such as online learning and virtual learning find their base. It would be smart on the part of rivals to follow suit immediately or they might end up losing out on their vital financial resources and eventually perish soon after.

An Easy Approach for New Units:

Upcoming organizations mainly the ones, operating on a small scale assume that their fate is pre-decided. This is primarily because they are under the impression that innovation is one such activity that is not really feasible for small organizations to perform due to reasons ranging from lack of funds to unpolished skills. Hence, they do not make any attempt either. A go-to option for all such firms is to simply follow in the footsteps of innovators. Hee, all that they need to do is simply imitate the innovators and secure their position in the market.

All said and done, it cannot be denied that innovation is an indispensable happening. Hence, making peace with the same is the only available option.


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