99 Shades of AI – The Talent Version

Date: 02-Aug-2018

AI Shades

AI better known as Artificial Intelligence has started contributing massively to the HR function. The most recent involvement has been in talent acquisition and management. In times, when a time constraint is a major issue faced by most of us, AI is believed to ease things out by helping us to divert our precious time to productive activities in general.

Candidates are constantly looking for jobs and workplaces that promise the utmost job satisfaction. Every single day, several emails sent by job seekers flock to the HR manager’s inbox. However, it becomes extremely difficult for hiring managers to scrutinize all the job applications at hand. Many times, more than half the applications fail to receive any response. This is exactly where The Talent Version by AI can come to one’s rescue.

AI acts as an invisible linkage medium, which helps connect jobs to people. Once the job applications are received, AI scrutinizes individual applications, ranks them, and eventually connects the right person to the right job. This is where more than half of the HR manager’s work is completed. Hence, it cannot be denied that AI plays a pivotal role in talent acquisition.

All this while, job seekers were forced to approach companies, which had open job positions. However, with the onset of AI, the situation is reversed. Today, hiring managers get in touch with candidates and offer them jobs. This has become possible due to the newly found free time by HR personnel, which is nothing, but a result of using appropriate AI techniques.

Despite AI being a friendly technique as far as the smooth functioning of the HR department is concerned, most HR personnel are skeptical about adopting this mechanism. This is mainly because they are under the impression that AI techniques would lead to them losing their jobs. However, the reality is that AI and HR staff can only succeed if they decide to work in coordination and cooperation with one another.

Irrespective of the scale of your organization, you should certainly consider using a worthy AI tool within your HR department. Multiple advantages would soon follow.


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