How to stay away from Office Politics?

Date: 03-Nov-2020

How will you describe Office politics?

  • It is that evil which has a direct impact on employee performance.
  • It can occur for reasons like money, power, status, or simply just for greed.
  • Politics at workplaces have an emotionally disturbing toll on everyone concerned with it.
  • Disputes, favoritism, and disparity in opinions can be commonly seen in workplaces where office political games exist.
  • Political games time and again turn office cubicles and conference rooms into battle zones.
  • Backstabbing, misuse of power, gossiping, diplomacy, manipulations, sugar coating, allegations, giving incorrect information, or idea stealing are some practices that influence employees and spread negativity in multiple ways.

How to ignore Office Politics?

A person can ignore Office politics and can also win over these political battles by simply avoiding them, staying positive, and not focusing on negative people. Here are a few simple ways to survive office politics without causing damage to your self-esteem. Creative Social Intranet can help in documenting everything, managing announcements, daily tasks, work reports, project completions, and achieving work goals.

1. Stay Positive today, tomorrow and always

  • Exhibit positive behavior to set a good example for other teammates and peers where political games have already become a trend.
  • Build trust with your coworkers, and make attempts for collaboration and teamwork.
  • Creative Social Intranet is one platform that will help inculcate positivity at the start of the day, to every member of the organization with its “Thought for the Day” widget.
  • The best part of this intranet is that it can be used remotely while you are working from home. Involving your team members in all important interactions and taking their feedback on various discussions through online polls and surveys is made easy with Creative Social Intranet. Managers may even conduct polls for the default behaviors of any particular department.

2. Avoid Workplace Bullying

  • Politicking promotes workplace bullying, leaving a negative impact on the person.
  • Whether you have the power to bring a change or not, do not support bullying under any condition.
  • Raise your voice through the feedback module in the intranet, which enables you to send feedback online for any particular individual or department of the organization.

3. Say no to Gossip

  • Workplace gossip gives rise to diplomacy and the spreading of wrong information. This results in nasty rumors, without any proof or true evidence.
  • Stay away from political games by not getting involved in workplace gossip. Take the right step instead by finding the truth and setting an example for others by not gossiping.
  • Declare company news and announcements to all through the intranet portal, which will be read by all.

4. Focus entirely on Work Goals

  • Avoid taking sides during an argument, that’s a smart way of handling office politics.
  • Either work to know the source of the argument and find a solution, or completely stay away and focus on your work goals.
  • Inculcate vibrant culture and healthy competition through rewards and recognition tools in Creative Social Intranet.

5. Record Everything That is Important

  • HR and managers must document and record all the happenings, employee behavior, and reasons.
  • This will help in taking unbiased decisions whenever any conflict arises which requires intervention.
  • Creative Social Intranet enables companies to maintain an online database library for employee training. Its advanced search tool helps to find necessary information from anywhere, whenever needed.

Improvise your workplace relationships by staying calm and positive always.


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