Engage employees with virtual holi celebrations on Creative Social Intranet

Date: 26-Feb-2023

Looking at the social distancing norms this year, it’s clear that this Holi festival needs to be celebrated in a new, unique way.

It’s clear, adjustments will have to be made in light of the Covid pandemic.

But since festivals play a key part in engaging your employees, have a look at Creative Social Intranet’s new and unique approach to celebrating Holi with your employees virtually in the era of social distancing:

This Holi, engage employees with virtual celebrations

1. Play online festival-themed games

Enjoy Creative Social Intranet’s Gamification Feature for short digital games filled with quizzes, and contests where different teams could come together in a virtual space and celebrate by enjoying the online games. Your team can also perform in the comfort of their own homes.

2. Celebrate with contests and prizes

Host some series of company-wide competitions: Who has the best color background? Who can make the best-looking mithai? These small celebrations can help in bridging the vast geographical and cultural divide between employees working from their homes around the world.

3. Go Creative this Holi

This Holi takes a new approach, instead of stepping out to play with gulal and colours, opt for online games and contests with your co-workers, friends, and family. Check out Creative Social Intranet employee engagement features.

Creative celebrates virtual Holi with an online game where users will post a Creative Holi photo and get a chance to boost points in your intranet.

4. Opt for video calls

Just because you can’t step out in the crowd, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with your family or co-workers on this Holi.

Go for Video conferencing or planned video calls, it easily connects you with anyone in the world at any time. With the Creative Social Intranet events calendar, upload an event for a video conference or webinar and invite all the users of an intranet to participate.

5. Bring colours to your desktop

If you can’t reach out to the colours, bring the colours in.

How about you bringing in some pop of colours to your desk. Or having a fun photo session virtually with colourful props.

You can opt for Creative Social Intranet’s Share Photos feature, where you can share images, like and also comment on co-workers’ posted photos.

6. Go for a colourful banner on your intranet dashboard.

Get some colours on it and treat yourself.

Creative Social Intranet colourful Dashboard banner can be used as your vibrant workplace this Holi.

7. Break the colour rules today, go mismatch

It’s fine to just wear that neon pink jacket with yellow pants. This Holi breaks the colour coordination rules and sees the humorous combination of your co-workers.

8. Host a Masterchef competiton

Creative celebrates Holi by involving all members to participate in “Color your Plate” Masterchef Holi competition.

Users are allowed to upload their recipes and photo of their plates. The winners get points on the intranet which can be redeemed.

9. A virtual award celebration for boosting employee appreciation and recognition.

Motivate your colleagues, employees, and friends in the office for a healthy work culture with appreciation, awards, and recognition.

Now you can virtually reward someone on the intranet with Rewards and recognition badges.

8. Finally play a virtual Holi!

It’s 2021 and luckily, there’s an app for everything. And for anything, you always have Creative Social Intranet. Play a virtual Holi on our Intranet server to test the limit of what technology can do.

In due time, our festivals will return to normal but till then concessions must be made for everyone’s safety.

With some creativity, motivation, and high spirit, Creative Social Intranet can help you celebrate this HOLI virtually together with co-workers, friends, and family despite the distance issue.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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