37 Modern Intranet Designs for the Best Company Intranet

Date: 23-Feb-2023

A company intranet is a powerful tool that many workplaces rely on to operate every day. Employees use it to work on projects, read company announcements, and find files. Higher-ups and CEOs often use company intranets to connect with staff, and managers use them to track projects and communicate with team members.

In addition to all of this, company intranet software—or the employee intranet—is packed with even more tools that support your organization, from customer support cases to the employee directory.

What do Corporate Intranets Offer?

An organization’s intranet serves as a private, secure network where staff members can publish material, communicate, work together, organize events, and foster a positive work environment. It serves as the center of your business, a hub for team communication, a central repository, and more.

Intranet software is flexible and can be used in many ways to improve communication and productivity within a company. A true intranet solution will have internal communication and collaboration tools that will help to keep your digital workplace fresh, fun, and inspiring. It is crucial to continuously implement new intranet ideas to make sure that your company intranet is serving your employees in the best way possible.

To design the ideal workplace intranet, consider these 37 ideas:

1. Access files and papers should be provided on the company intranet.

Your intranet document management system can store anything and everything, from templates and stock photos to product documents and legal forms. Make your files accessible to your entire team by using your document management system – this way, employees can easily find files by typing keywords and searching through content type or author, or date. You can also tag content and promote engagement by encouraging employees to rate what they read.

2. Every company intranet should be branded. Give it a name.

One of the best ways to make your employee intranet more effective is to brand it with a unique name that fits your company culture. This will make it more exciting for employees to use on a daily basis, and help increase adoption rates. The name you choose for your intranet will have a big influence on the way it’s perceived and used within the organization, so choose carefully!

Your intranet is a crucial part of your organization, and it deserves a unique name that reflects that importance. Employees should be able to easily identify it, and it should create a buzz throughout the workplace.

Once you’ve decided to name your intranet, the next question is: what should I name it?

That’s a great question. I’ve written an entire post to help you come up with the perfect name for your intranet. In it, I talk about how to get your creative wheels turning and what factors you should consider when choosing a name. You can read more here: How to Choose an Intranet Name

3. Achievements of the Broadcasting Company and Selected Individuals.

Your employee intranet is the perfect platform for broadcasting your company’s successes. Did someone win an award? Did someone get a promotion? Posting these stories is a great way to motivate employees and make each day worthwhile. It also encourages people to reach out to their colleagues to congratulate each other. By sharing stories of success, you’re not only motivating your employees to do great work, but you’re also encouraging them to build relationships with their colleagues.

Creative Social Intranet is a great way for admins and peers to show recognition for outstanding achievements. With the badge and shout-out system, you can easily show your appreciation for a job well done. Additionally, the point system feature allows employees to accumulate points for their notable contributions. This not only builds positive employee morale but also acknowledges members for their accomplishments and cultivates growth within your company.

4. Don’t neglect the homepage of your employee intranet.

As the first page that employees see when they log into the intranet, the homepage presents a great opportunity to inspire and motivate employees. By creating a beautiful and engaging intranet template, you can set the tone for the rest of the site. With drag-and-drop page-building features, you can customize your homepage to perfectly match your brand without any HTML experience. Control the layout of your page so important content and features are exactly where you want them to be—such as your company calendar, daily announcements, third-party tools, a “quick links” section, etc.

Take some time to imagine what you want your intranet to look like. Then, make these intranet ideas a reality with our easy-to-use tools.

5. Explore different things on the company intranet.

Keep in mind that your intranet solution doesn’t have to stay this way. There are no fixed rules. The demands placed on your intranet will increase as your company expands. Investigate various procedures, intranet template layouts, and employee intranet concepts.

For example, if you’re a CEO and you don’t have time for your monthly blog post, try a ghostwriting feature to see how you can stay connected with staff even if you’ve never used this tool before. If you want to encourage more peer-to-peer recognition, start integrating your employee intranet recognition programs. Maybe it’s as simple as turning on “likes” and comments to see if your employees use it. Once you find something that works, the rest will fall into place on its own. Keep experimenting!

6. Create a schedule for adding content to your company’s intranet.

The best way to keep your content marketing plan on track is to stick to a consistent schedule. This is also a great intranet idea. Create an internal content calendar for each month. Plan articles you want to share, announcements that can be written beforehand, deadlines, campaigns, or company initiatives that you will be promoting.

Make sure your company intranet is the home base for information that is relevant to your employees. This will help them stay engaged and informed about what’s going on at the company.

7. Provide the resources that employees require.

Even with all of the great employee intranet software tools available, there are still some 3rd party tools that your teams need. For example, help desks and customer support cases, document management, and more. With all of these tools at your disposal, you can easily streamline company operations and keep everyone on the same page.

Having a modern company intranet will make your life much easier. You can integrate it with many of the systems you use today, and for external platforms without integrations, use your launchpad to link to them. Employees love this intranet idea because everything important is just a click away. By organizing everyday tools in your digital workplace, you help your employees stay organized and on top of their everyday tasks.

8. Apply your color combination in inventive ways.

A consistent brand identity is important for any business, and your company intranet should be no different. Your intranet’s color scheme should reflect your business’s identity. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it. If your company observes holidays throughout the year, you can celebrate by switching up your color scheme or adding festive icons. You can also get creative and add imagery and colors to welcome new seasons.

Getting playful with your colors will catch your people’s attention, keep spirits high, and refresh your entire intranet experience.

9. Publish cultural events on your intranet for employees.

There are so many different types of events that you can showcase on your company’s intranet calendar – not just meetings and deadlines. Here are some other great ideas:

  • Sporting events
  • Local festivals or benefit concerts
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Happy hour get-togethers

This is a wonderful opportunity to connect remote teams if you have employees who live in the same area. It’s also just as beneficial for companies who work in the same office every day—social events build stronger relationships.

(Segmenting your calendars is another highly suggested intranet concept. Each department needs its own calendar to keep track of internal tasks, due dates, and meetings. Additionally, the essential events that affect everyone should be noted on your company calendar.)

10. Your homepage should highlight your company’s mission.

Here’s an intranet idea for you – write an article about your company mission and pin it on your homepage! Your employee intranet homepage is likely the first thing everyone sees when they log in, which makes it the perfect place to motivate and connect everyone to each other and their place in your organization.

Writing a personable and heartfelt message will inspire everyone who sees it. This is an effective way to make a stronger employee intranet and culture where people are productive, happy, and aligned.

11. Through your company intranet, build a sense of community.

Take your events calendar to the next level by posting photo albums from team gatherings on your modern intranet. This does a few things:

  • Shows that you care: employees take pride in their jobs when they feel special and celebrated.
  • Balances work and fun: your company intranet should also be an enjoyable place—it’s okay to incorporate content not related to a work task.
  • Builds a close-knit community: these photos highlight a shared employee experience. Make your community stronger by showing the faces that make up your company.

To increase employee engagement and strengthen your culture, try this quick and simple intranet idea.

12. Use visuals to enhance the text.

We all know that text-heavy content can be tough to get through. After reading pages and pages of words, it’s easy to start feeling mentally fatigued and struggling to retain information. This is the last thing any manager wants.

One simple intranet idea to make information more engaging and your employees more focused is to add images inside your content. Incorporating visual context into your topic can break up the flow of text and make it more engaging. Plus, you can take advantage of the wealth of images available online to really boost engagement.

13. Keep everything organized and simple to utilize.

A company’s intranet shouldn’t be something that gives employees a headache. If it is, then that’s a clear sign that it’s time for an update. When intranets are outdated, unorganized, and difficult to navigate, it drags down productivity. Furthermore, you’ll end up with frustrated employees who don’t have the resources they need to do their job properly.

A sleek and modern employee intranet design with easy-to-use navigation is key for any organization. White space, smooth lines, and strong boundaries create an aesthetic that is easy on the eyes and helps users navigate the intranet with ease. Leading intranet software also allows you to customize your intranet navigation bar, so you can control the entire user experience for your digital workplace. This is a crucial element in making sure your teams can get stuff done without any roadblocks.

14. On the intranet of your business, use contests and gamification.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in work and not pay attention to things outside of the daily to-do list. Encourage your staff to take part in meaningful conversations and create valuable content by holding an intranet contest with prizes. For example, the most active user could be rewarded with a $20 gift card on a weekly or monthly basis.

One way to get employees engaged with your company intranet is by gamifying it. This can involve implementing competitions that promote positive contributions to the company. This is a great way to bring employees together, boost morale, and increase productivity.

There are many options when it comes to gamifying your intranet, so think of ways you haven’t used it before and get your employees to communicate and collaborate.

15. Publish weekly theme days on your workplace intranet.

Throwback Thursday is one of the most popular hashtags on social media. You can use this to your advantage by implementing a modern intranet to shine a spotlight on your special day. Create a space or a discussion forum where employees can share their posts. You can even dedicate a gallery on the homepage—an easy addition to your intranet design.

16. On your company intranet, post motivational quotes.

Encouraging employees and keeping them on track doesn’t have to be difficult. A little inspiration can go a long way! Posting inspiring employee engagement quotes in your digital workplace is a great way to show your employees that you care about their well-being and want them to do their best work.

You can post the quotes on the main homepage or encourage directors to post their own quotes on their space home pages. We recommend posting one quote every day or week, but don’t overdo it!

17. Hire internally by posting job openings.

Hiring internally has many advantages and can often be more cost-effective than hiring from outside of the company. When you hire internally, the candidate already has an understanding of how things work within your company, and they have a proven track record of being successful. You can also have confidence in their abilities and training is significantly easier.

If you’re looking to fill a new job, try posting in your employee intranet or discussion forum to turn it into an internal job board. This is a great way to spread the word about job openings and share updates with your employees.

18. On your corporate intranet, tag every piece of content.

Searching for information on your workplace intranet is made simpler by tagging material. Include keywords like “marketing,” “internal documentation,” and other categories to make it easier for your staff to find what they’re looking for. This is a time-saving method for managing intranet material that benefits the entire company.

19. Encourage early intranet adopters.

The early adopters of your employee intranet are the ones who will help contribute to making it a success by sharing valuable information and sparking meaningful conversations. They’ll do this without even trying, which is why they’re such key players.

It’s important to identify who these individuals are and make them community leaders. You can do this in a few ways, such as highlighting a “User of the Month” on your homepage, awarding someone with kudos, or using your points and recognition feature to give much-deserved acknowledgment. Others will take notice.

Early adopters of your employee intranet are the people who will contribute meaningful content and conversations. They are the people who can take your intranet to new heights.

You can identify these key players a couple of ways—highlight “User of the Month” on your homepage, award a kudos, or use your points and recognition feature to give much-deserved acknowledgment.

20. On the Intranet of Your Company, Install a Q&A forum.

When it comes to your employee intranet, a Q&A forum is a powerful way to keep your people informed and engaged. By answering questions as they come up, you can keep your team on track and help them take advantage of all the features your intranet has to offer. The managers’ responsibilities, which should also include checking in with their teams, should not be taken over by your Q&A forum.

21. Request opinions on your company’s intranet for employees.

Employees want to share their feedback about your company intranet—things they enjoy and things they don’t. By collecting their intranet ideas and suggestions, you can make tweaks to your intranet design with the confidence that your employees support these enhancements. You also have the opportunity to brainstorm new examples of employee intranet ideas for the future. Do this by creating a survey or posting a poll. Empowering your employees to have a voice in your company boosts morale.

22. Be humorous. Be humane. Communicate in a humane manner.

Everybody experiences hectic workweeks, especially when approaching deadlines. Amazing what a simple chuckle can accomplish.

Use the employee intranet to promote laughing and reduce stress.

Add a hilarious GIF, funny remark, or funny video to an announcement. Although we’ve already touched on this intranet concept, don’t be hesitant to inject some humor into your virtual office. Your intranet was designed for people, not machines.

23. Encourage everyone to complete their employee profiles on the intranet of your business.

With your employee profiles, you can easily find the right person for the job and connect with them on a more personal level. Add a little personality to your company culture and see how it transforms your workplace!

After that, ask your staff to finish their profiles. Each employee’s profile should highlight their accomplishments professionally, describe their function within the organization, and describe who they are as a person. People prefer interacting with other people over machines.

24. Choose the intranet of your organization to announce new employment.

Welcome new employees with a post on the homepage of your intranet! The social tools—likes, comments, and messenger—make your employee intranet the perfect place to connect new team members with staff. Share a link to their profile for further networking and let them know that the intranet is the main tool used in your company’s internal communications strategy. It’s an easy gesture that will make them feel welcome and part of the team.

25. Through your company intranet, promote interactions.

Intranet idea #24: Use your company intranet to have meaningful conversations.
Your intranet has one-on-one chats, group messages, comments, and discussion threads. Bypassing the back-and-forth of emails and encouraging colleagues to ask questions in a quick, personalized manner, builds relationships between teams, departments, and employees. This can be a game-changer for collaboration.

26. On your corporate intranet, offer training and webinars.

Video is an effective way to train new employees because it combines verbal and visual instruction, and is always available for future reference. Using your company intranet to onboard new hires makes life easier for your managers and for your new employees. Not only will you have a training resource that’s always available, but you’ll also make the onboarding process more efficient and organized.

  • Having a central location for all your training videos makes it easy for new hires to get up to speed quickly.
  • By incorporating training videos into your intranet, you can easily track and measure employee performance.
  • Having a uniform training program makes it easier for managers to provide feedback and make changes.

27. Post manuals and material online.

If your company still uses paper documents, make the switch to uploading them into your digital workplace. This will help create a knowledge base for your employees, who can access information anywhere.

You not only conserve paper, but you also increase the likelihood that you won’t ever lose crucial information. It can take some time to scan and upload papers, but the effort is worthwhile.

28. On your workplace intranet, encourage users to contribute content.

Your employee intranet supports and connects staff to each other and to their work. It also builds a stronger community and empowers employees to take charge in their roles. One way to combine all four of these intranet benefits is to encourage employees to publish their own content on the intranet. Wikis and knowledge base articles are some of the types of content people can create.

As long as they believe they have something worthwhile to share, always encourage your employees to participate in your intranet community.

29. Take an interest in the content.

Encourage your department heads to post helpful articles, case studies, and updated documents on your company intranet. By providing teams with content they care about, the employee intranet becomes a place they want to go to.

30. Then… monitor it.

Encouraging everyone to post information is the first step. Keeping tabs on its impact is the next step. Surveys and forums are excellent options to get direct feedback from staff, but it’s also valuable to keep an eye on analytics. Identify what your employees are viewing and if they like it by the number of “engagements” a post receives—all tracked in your analytics tool.

This information will offer you a better sense of what is working and what needs improvement if you decide to update your platform, whether it be a new intranet design or an internal communication strategy.

31. Organize your intranet into zones, departments, or groups.

Encouraging everyone to post information is the first step. Keeping tabs on its impact is the next step. Surveys and forums are excellent options to get direct feedback from staff, but it’s also valuable to keep an eye on analytics. Identify what your employees are viewing and if they like it by the number of “engagements” a post receives—all tracked in your analytics tool.

Employees from different teams can quickly discover what’s new in other departments if a location is open to the public. In order to prevent departmental silos, do this.

32. Use your intranet to strengthen the relationships between management and employees.

Employees are more inclined to go above and above when they feel encouraged by their leadership, believe in their organization, and trust it. The purpose of an intranet is for managers and executives; let’s maintain open and honest lines of communication with staff members.

The company intranet is the perfect place to post interesting weekly notes directly to employees. By consistently engaging with your entire staff, your employees will be more engaged with their work because they feel valued. Communication in large and widespread workforces can be a challenge—if this is your company, take this suggestion back to your team.

33. Integrate your employee intranet with remote teams.

Within the same building, department silos are possible. The few hundred or thousands of miles that divide employees in a completely remote organization or one that incorporates remote teams might make engagement more difficult.

Use your employee intranet to eliminate these barriers. Create a space for remote members to post photos, videos, and jokes. Continue to recognize outstanding behavior with fun gamification features. Implement weekly or monthly team-building exercises through video meetings. Share weekly Spotify playlists. Punderdome, a pun card game, only requires a manager to have the cards while other members work in teams.

The purpose of your company’s intranet is to link all employees, regardless of location. Utilize its features to create happier team members and greater relationships.

34. Give management a Meeting Rooms For Team Discussion.

  • With the permission settings in your company intranet, managers and employees working on confidential tasks can have a secure place to openly collaborate and discuss topics. This eliminates the need for unnecessary platforms like email, which can complicate collaboration.
  • Now, users can accomplish all of their tasks in one place.
  • Share secret data, discuss departmental goals, or edit incomplete documents in one private hub.

35. Mobile Intranet

If your company intranet doesn’t have a mobile app, you’re missing out on a huge feature that many employees want. These days, accessibility isn’t a request; it’s an expectation. When users are on the go, they want to carry their work with them.

A mobile app for your company intranet can be extremely useful for employees who are constantly on the go. For example, if you’re at a work convention and you don’t have your laptop with you, you can use the mobile app to access the intranet. Or maybe you have an unexpected meeting and you need the name of a person who worked on a project. Or maybe you manage frontline workers who need on-the-spot access to information. In all of these cases, a mobile app can be a huge help.

36. Watch out for developing intranet examples.

Software for employee intranets changes every day. To increase productivity and user satisfaction, platforms like Creative Social Intranet frequently roll out upgrades and new features.

Pay close attention to developing internal communication trends and employee feedback. Sometimes it’s the tools that are inadequate, not the content. Make sure that your company intranet is expanding as your business needs do.

37. Set realistic goals for your company’s intranet.

The ultimate repository for information, productivity, and cooperation is what every CEO and management hopes for in their workplace intranet. Because positive changes occur both inside the organization and on the intranet. Taking a deep breath and setting realistic expectations is one of the most beneficial intranet tips we can provide you. You can achieve all your objectives with the aid of adaptable employee intranet software but don’t make too many changes at once.

Start by focusing on one area. Perhaps you want to redesign your intranet, start an employee newsletter, establish a corporate volunteer center, or test out some knowledge management solutions that your organization hasn’t utilized before. This is a fantastic approach to proceed and guarantee that you’re doing things correctly at every turn.


If your company intranet doesn’t have a mobile app, you’re missing out on a huge feature that many employees want. These days, accessibility isn’t a request; it’s a necessity. When users are on the go, they want to carry their work with them.

Perhaps a staff member is at a work convention and doesn’t have a laptop handy. Or maybe an unexpected meeting popped up and you need the name of a person who worked on a project. Or maybe you manage frontline workers who need on-the-spot access to the latest company policies or shift schedules. In any case, a mobile app can make your life a lot easier.



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