Peer to peer Employee Recognition & Rewards in Creative Social Intranet.

Date: 23-Jun-2018

Rewards Recognition

Introducing Peer-to-Peer Employee Recognition & Rewards, Recommendations & Certifications in Creative Social Intranet.

What is employee recognition?

Employee recognition can be defined as timely, informal, or formal appreciation of a person’s or team’s behavior, effort, or business result that supports the organization’s goals and values. To be really productive in your job, you need to perceive the psychology of appreciating others for their good work, to apply the principles of employee recognition yourself, and to motivate others to initiate it in their work culture.

Recognition is a core human need. Employees respond to acknowledgment expressed through recognition of their good work because it confirms their work is valued by others. Employee’s satisfaction and productivity rise when their work is appreciated, and they are encouraged to maintain or improve their good work. Rewards and recognition are essential to a productive workplace.

What are the benefits of Employee Recognition?

1. Productivity

Engaged staff are 80% more productive, and work efficiently in order to do a better job. Praised and rewarded efforts of employees give them a sense that a member of staff will work harder to receive such employee recognition.

2. Job Satisfaction

Employee recognition demonstrates to the employees that the job they’re doing is valuable to the business. This in return makes the employees feel that they are making a difference to the growth of the organization.

3. Employee Happiness

Happy employees can be motivated easily to work better and bring positivity to the organization. If an employer treats its employees with respect and regard, then those employees will want to do a good job in return. This positivity can also be felt across the business, creating a happy working environment that people will want to be a part of.

4. Retention

High ratio of employee turnover gives poor morale to the employees to look elsewhere for their jobs. Moreover, the time required to search for similar skill set employees and train them demands time. money and efforts. The allocation of rewards gives employees a concrete reason to stay.

5. Loyalty

Rewarding hard work precipitates loyalty and helps your employees to develop an emotional bond with your organization.

How should you provide recognition and rewards?

Employee recognition program

A structured employee recognition program is the most significant way to provide employees with continuous recognition and rewards. Such employee recognition programs are run on an online platform so that all information at both management and employees is easily accessible to measure, analyze, and engage. Creative Social Intranet introduces one such significant feature to encourage employees. Rewards and recognitions are visible to employees on their profile and featured dashboard section to provide an added incentive to work hard. Performance metrics are also visible to the senior team so that they can monitor progress and proactively recognize efforts at appropriate times. Creative Social Intranet is a straightforward employee engagement software to implement while making it easy to reward your staff, so high performance does not get overlooked.

What should your employee rewards program consist of?

To get your employee recognition program up and running, there are five key points that should be featured:

  • Peer-to-peer recognition empower your staff to celebrate each other
  • Long-service awards – celebrate milestones to shout about loyal employee
  • Instant recognition – visible performance metrics to reward employees immediately, rather than delaying until a standardized time, like Christmas
  • Rewards – desirable wins, so staff will work hard to achieve them

It’s also crucial to tailor your employee recognition program to your organization so that it reflects your enterprise’s work culture and brand

An employee recognition program that has been operated in an effective way will have a huge impact on your business.

We’d love to help you engage, motivate, and inspire your team with our innovative Employee Recognition feature in Creative Social Intranet.


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