Introducing Creative recognition badges to help your team feel appreciated in fun ways.

Date: 26-Mar-2019

Badges For Employee Recognition

Recognition Badges are the fad in the world of digital gamification with playing games and online learning.

Nowadays digital recognition and reward badges use visual representations of real-world achievements such as running marathons or super boss accomplishing targets.

Employee recognition badges are thus a great way to acknowledge people for living company values and accomplishing specific important goals. Employee recognition badges are a unique opportunity for employees to give feedback to one another.

Companies that have already provided recognition digital badges to their employees have analyzed that more than 70% of participants were actively involved in collecting badges and setting new trends for creative learning.

Give Employees Social Recognition Badges To Increase Engagement

With recognition badges employees get keep to explore badges on the intranet portal, and claim and collect them from their managers, and subordinates. Employees get curious and interested to discover more. This helps increase activity on the intranet portal and thus helps improve employee engagement.

So what is unique about this Employee recognition badging experience?

  • Recognition badges help to capture learning on the go
  • Recognition badges motivate engagement and employee participation
  • Recognition badges create opportunities for peer-to-peer feedback
  • If Recognition badges are introduced with Gamification, it adds playfulness to the atmosphere

Know how Badge-Based Recognition and Reward System useful to the organization

You must be having this question in mind, whether these recognition badges are really your best bet when it comes to motivating employees and boosting active participation?
Or its just a waste of time and distracting employees from their core?

Few notable benefits of using a digital badge Reward & Recognition System that will change your thinking towards bringing social gamification culture in your organization.

1. Provides Employees With Public Recognition

Employees are motivated by the idea of being recognized by their managers and peers. In this case, recognition badges give them the opportunity to show off their achievements for all to see. These badges can be seen on every employee profile page, which serves as a morale boost. You might even consider a recognition badge contest wherein employees with the most rewards receive an added incentive, such as a free lunch or some perk.

2. Serves Friendly and Healthy Competition

Human nature is by default competitive. Many employees like to “one up” their peers and rise to the top of the ranks. Recognition badges allow them to pursue friendly competition by seeking more rewards than their counterparts. Let’s say, employees will put their time and effort to achieve the “top performer” recognition badge, which consists of a series of task-based simulations and scenarios. Recognition badges can also be paired with leaderboards to take it to the next level.

3. Motivates Employee Engagement

Intrinsic motivation within an organization involves internal factors. Employees seek to accomplish their tasks for the sake of expanding their knowledge and skills. In contrast to extrinsic motivators, such as gift cards or monetary incentives. Digital recognition badges intrinsically motivate employees by encouraging them to achieve their goals and objectives. Though being an intangible reward that has no financial value, employees will try to collect as many recognition badges as possible, to acquire new knowledge and skills tagged to their profile.

4. Breaks Long-Term Goals Into Accomplishable Milestones

Long-term goals may diminish employees’ motivation and excitement due to a lack of instant emotional satisfaction. Badge-based recognition reward systems give employees a little poke along the way. Recognition badges will make them feel that they are one step closer to the ultimate goal while waiting till the end to get rewarded for their hard work.

5. Recognition badges can foster employee onboarding and e-learning at a better pace

Companies can strategically plan an entire self-paced recognition onboarding and e-learning that centers on badge-based recognition reward systems. This will foster a self-help intranet amongst employees and empower them to take charge of the process.

6. Attractive badges add a visual element to the Intranet

Digital recognition badges are more visual than any other rewards, such as points or credits. With Creative recognition badges your employees will get appealed to the intranet portal. A few of our attractive badges are

Creative recognition badge - Punctual employee

Creative recognition badge – Punctual employee

Creative recognition badge - Dependable employee

Creative recognition badge – Dependable employee

7. Recognition improves employee e-learning and retention

Employees are more likely to remember knowledge they have gained when it’s in small doses. And recognition badges rupture employee e-learning into easily digestible milestones. Adding an online test after each session and making employees clear the online test in order to receive the recognition badge. This will give them the power to concentrate on each online course.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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