Improve team performance with task tracking app

Date: 08-Apr-2020

The quote “Either run the day or the day runs you’’ tells us very clearly how it’s important to make the best possible use of time for planning our schedules or else the day ends up managing us in a messy way. Managing time accurately leads to the completion of the task within the stipulated time frame and ultimately increases the productivity of every individual. The workforce at corporate places needs to understand the value of time and manage the work to complete it ahead of the deadlines. Every individual who gets this element never gets stressed out of time and enjoys each and every moment to its fullest.

Business working involves various functions and all the functions have to be monitored on a regular basis.
Every element whether it is;

  • Expense
  • Revenue
  • Input or output
  • Work report
  • Attendance and also time has to be tracked.

The result of this monitoring has to be consolidated in a format to make the productivity analysis of every element. Similarly, the analysis helps in deciding which factors are useful and working in the right way. These are the most influential aspects for the employees and help them to conduct the work prior to the deadline.

As organizations work on deadlines, completing the work assignment and submitting the report is very crucial for every personnel. To cater to this Creative Intranet’s task management tool is very much beneficial. The work here is managed and monitored from start to end and also gets done on time. The tool helps to track where the employee is spending much of their time, as the updation of the work task enables to keep the administration under the loop. Also, it becomes possible to understand which tasks require what number of hours. This makes optimum utilization of time and further assignments are also not delayed. As many individuals tend to multitask, which is not preferable but with the tool mechanism the tasks can be completed one after the other without any need of multitasking.

Prioritizing the work is another very important element of time management.

Individuals quite often begin the task without even thinking about which work needs to be completed before and later. Often because of non prioritization of work people end up with zero productivity. The task which requires more attention can get out of time because of nonprioritization. Here it is very important to ensure which task is urgent and important. Pick up the things which are of the highest priority right at the start of the day and complete them before the day gets to end, then begin with new activities. The Intranet task management tool ensures to the allocation of specific time slots for the work which are crucial and carries relevance and makes the employee stick to it until it gets complete.

Managing time effectively helps employees to plan out their career paths for themselves. It brings discipline among the employees and helps to reach the top of their careers in the shortest but most productive time frame. Employees quite often ignore the deadlines majorly because of procrastination and make the work uninteresting by themselves. But this could be avoided with Creative’s task management tool. Also, the timesheet management feature in Intranet helps in reviewing individual performance and team performance as well, which ultimately helps in monitoring the performance and productivity within teams.

Creative Social Intranet is a compact HR intranet solution that enables employees in effective task management and scheduling to improve productivity and enhance the functioning of the organizational processes.


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