What is Custom-Build Intranet?

Meaning & Definition

Custom-Build Intranet

A custom-built intranet, often referred to as a bespoke intranet, is an internal network or communication platform created specifically for an organization’s unique needs and requirements. Unlike off-the-shelf intranet solutions, which offer pre-designed templates and features, a custom-built intranet is designed and developed from the ground up to align with the organization’s specific goals, processes, and corporate culture.

Here are some key characteristics and advantages of a custom-built intranet:

  • Tailored to Organizational Needs

A custom intranet is designed to address the specific needs, objectives, and challenges of the organization. It can be highly customized to support unique workflows, business processes, and industry-specific requirements.

  • Scalability

Custom intranets can be built to scale with the organization’s growth. As the company evolves, the intranet can adapt and incorporate new features, modules, or integrations.

  • Integration

They can seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise systems and software, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, and document management systems. This integration streamlines data sharing and improves efficiency.

  • Branding and User Experience

Custom intranets can be designed to match the organization’s branding, offering a consistent look and feel with the company’s website and external communications. This branding helps create a cohesive and professional user experience.

  • Unique Functionality

Organizations can build unique features and functionality into their intranets, tailored to their specific industry or business processes. For example, a healthcare organization might include patient data management features, while a creative agency might emphasize project collaboration tools.

  • Enhanced Security

Custom intranets allow for the implementation of security measures that are tailored to the organization’s requirements, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and information.

  • User Training and Support

Since custom intranets are designed from scratch, organizations can create user training materials and provide support specific to their intranet, making it easier for employees to adopt and use the platform effectively.

  • Compliance

In regulated industries, custom intranets can be built to meet industry-specific compliance requirements, helping organizations adhere to legal and regulatory standards.

  • Control and Ownership

Organizations have complete control and ownership over the intranet, making it easier to maintain, update, and align with evolving business needs.

  • Cost Efficiency

While custom-built intranets require an initial investment in development, they can offer cost savings in the long run by reducing the need for third-party integrations and customizations.

  • Long-Term Value

A custom intranet can provide long-term value as it evolves with the organization, aligning with its strategic goals and adapting to changing needs.

Custom-built intranets are typically developed by in-house IT teams or external development partners with expertise in intranet development. The process involves defining the organization’s requirements, designing the intranet’s architecture and features, and building, testing, and deploying the system. The result is a highly tailored and efficient platform that aligns closely with the organization’s operations and business objectives.

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