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Things one should know while developing an Intranet Website

An intranet website is different from a company’s website over the Internet in many ways. An intranet website is accessible for employees, customers, and people using the Intranet from across the globe. On the other side, intranet website of a company is networking between all employees who can do lots of professional activities together to achieve a company goal. An intranet website of an organization is a secure network that only company employees can access, and share knowledge, develop a connection with other employees and raise productivity. Intranet website can also help in improving: A well designed and developed intranet Things one should know while developing an Intranet Website

Enterprise Social Networking

Intranet For Social Networking Within Office

Social media has become a part of modern lifestyle. People spend hours of their daily lives on various social networking websites. But when they are in office, they have to follow traditional methods to perform their duties. These in-house techniques could be complex for some employees, time-consuming as well as boring. Connecting people within an organization and allowing them to work together using a common platform can be interesting and secure by having an advanced social intranet within an organization. The social intranet network of a company not only connects company employees, but also allows them to communicate, share files, Intranet For Social Networking Within Office