Announcements serve to inform, engage, and motivate employees, fostering a positive and connected workplace culture. Here are some ideas for announcements you can share on your company’s intranet:

  1. Celebrate Company Milestones: Share stories of company achievements and successes to inspire and motivate your team.
  2. Capture Moments: Upload photo albums from recent events or workplace festivities to foster a sense of camaraderie among employees.
  3. Internal Career Opportunities: Keep your team informed about job openings within different departments through a dedicated widget for internal job postings.
  4. Insights from the CEO: Provide a platform for the CEO to share insights, blogs, training videos, and important news directly with the entire team through a designated “CEO Corner” widget.
  5. Stay Weather-Ready: Keep employees who travel frequently informed about weather forecasts to help them plan their trips efficiently.
  6. Community Engagement: Highlight upcoming events that are relevant to specific groups or departments within the company to encourage participation and community involvement.
  7. Celebrate Personal Milestones: Recognize individual achievements such as completing a marathon, work anniversaries, and other personal accomplishments to foster a supportive and encouraging work environment.
  8. Foster Friendly Competition: Organize departmental contests to promote teamwork and healthy competition among employees.
  9. Daily Inspiration: Provide daily motivational quotes and tips to uplift and inspire every member of your team.

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So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

Post birthdays anniversaries in intranet

Creative ideas to post company announcement on intranet

Posting company announcements on the intranet provides an opportunity to engage employees through Creative employee engagement software and make the information more memorable and impactful. Here are some creative ideas to make your company announcements more engaging: By thinking creatively and experimenting with different formats and approaches, you can make your company announcements more engaging and memorable for employees on the intranet.

Elevate Internal Communications With Intranet News

Give your employees the knowledge and brace to effectively do their jobs with efficient internal communications. Keep employees and subordinates up-to-date and informed of the plans and activities of your company by sharing news, articles, and announcements. Headline News and Announcements News and Announcements can be shared and made visible on the intranet dashboard with their headlines. Both are permission-based and are displayed in different locations on the intranet. News can be created with inbuilt HTML editors, and images, external links, and HTML can be added. Employees can like, comment and subscribe to news articles. News channel and structure Creative Elevate Internal Communications With Intranet News