AGILITY – The quest of every business leader

Date: 15-May-2018

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Who is a Leader?

Becoming a team leader is a deep desire that each one of us holds within. In order to be a successful leader, one needs to be an excellent team player. He or she needs to instill a sense of belongingness among each and every team member. Being a good listener is equally important.

Business leaders are continually exposed to severe challenges. The common challenges include team members overlooking the team’s central goal, placing individual interests over and above the team’s mission, and at times something as silly as a cold war among team participants. In order to prevent the team from losing its direction, the business leader needs to possess a set of essential traits, the most vital one being Agility.

What is Agility?

Agility essentially revolves around the idea of being alert in instances of change or ones that require immediate attention. In order to achieve one’s pre-decided sales and profit goals; companies tend to keep a Plan A and Plan B handy. Plan A is generally put into action first, while thorough observance is laid on its positive and negative results. If the cons happen to supersede the pros, the organization has no other option apart from substituting Plan A with Plan B.

This is exactly where the role of an agile business leader comes into the picture. The said individual needs to put his skills of agility to the test in order to help his team bring about a change in their direction without giving rise to any serious repercussions.

How do you develop Agility skills?

Agility can be an in-the-born attribute for a few individuals. However, the ones, who do not possess this trait, can make efforts to develop the same. One needs to begin by improving one’s span of concentration. It is equally important to stay extremely patient. Likewise, the business leader needs to be not just self-motivated, but at the same time should have the ability to motivate his team.

Hence, we can rightly conclude that Agility is a trait worth developing among business leaders.



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