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So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

6 strategies for Successful Intranet in 2019

Previously, intranets were admin centric whereby the admin used to send all the information but it wasn’t customized to an employee’s individual needs and relevance. This one-way approach of the traditional intranet made the whole system ineffective and did not do much to enhance overall work productivity. However, intranet applications have transformed dramatically and shifted to the modern intranet. Businesses are now adopting a two-way communication approach to increase emotional and logical connections with both employees and management. Intranets are customized concerning company branding and requirements. Companies all over the world are constantly trying to shift to a modern intranet bringing a change in their internal 6 strategies for Successful Intranet in 2019

AGILITY – The quest of every business leader

Who is a leader? Becoming a team leader is a deep desire that each one of us holds within. In order to be a successful leader, one needs to be an excellent team player. He or she needs to instill a sense of belongingness among each and every team members. Being a good listener is equally important. Business leaders are continually exposed to severe challenges. The common challenges include team member’s overlooking the team’s central goal, placing individual interests over and above the team’s mission and at times something as silly as a cold war among team participants. In order AGILITY – The quest of every business leader