How to Reward Staff With Our Employee Recognition Tools & Badges Apps?

Date: 20-Feb-2023

Congratulate your team efforts

We’ve built a simple, effective employee recognition tool for your company. The tool allows you to create a personalized list of achievements and rewards for your employees.

You can then send the list out to your staff via email or print it out for them. The recipients can then share the list with their colleagues, which is great for boosting team morale and creating a positive atmosphere in the office.

The tool also makes it simple for managers to reward staff members who do especially well at work. It’s like having an employee survey in one place where you can see what everyone’s doing right and wrong at any time of day or night – plus it’s easy to share with other departments if necessary!

Creative Social Intranet Badges Application

Managers and coworkers can use Badges to thank employees for their great work with vibrant, unique, and interesting badges. These kinds of employee incentive programs give workers immediate feedback, a sense of accomplishment, and a drive to advance—classic gamification components that have been shown to help dopamine levels rise.

Design Your Own Badges

You can select from a variety of carefully crafted icons that are already pre-installed in our digital workplace when making a badge. You can upload your own photographs to create badges that accurately represent the logo or corporate culture of your organization if you’d like something a little more unique.

Send a Message of Appreciation to the Employees

When you present a badge to a member of your team, include a customized congrats message. Giving your staff members precise, encouraging feedback on their accomplishments will go a long way toward fostering self-assurance and enhancing drive.

Display Each Badge With Pride

Every badge a worker receives will be prominently displayed on their profile, just like their own individual trophy case. This encourages others to earn badges and fosters a culture of openness.


We have made a number of upgrades to our main intranet news application, including breadcrumb trails, smoother menu navigation, and smarter search functions. Additionally, you can subscribe to and unsubscribe from news channels with a single click, which is useful for staying up to date on business news at all times.


There are multiple solutions to every question. This is the reason why we expanded the functionality of our quiz app to allow for several right answers per question. To correctly answer a question and receive credit for taking the quiz, employees must choose all of the appropriate options.


Our drag-and-drop content management system, Pages, is always being updated to ensure that it has all the best features for assisting you in creating an engaging intranet. No different from our most recent release. Our “Who’s Out” and Knowledge Base intranet widgets now have new design options, offering you more customization options than ever.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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