Workplace Culture Top Barrier to Digital Transformation

Date: 26-Feb-2019

Workplace Culture Barrier

60% of companies consider workplace culture the top barrier to digital transformation

Would you believe, less than 50% of the HR execs reported that their companies had a digital work plan in place at the enterprise?

So the question of the hour is; are these companies equipped to solve the artificial intelligence (AI) and digital conundrum? Well, perhaps not.

Less than half the human resources (HR) executives stated in a recently held survey that their companies actually had a digital work plan in place at the HR level. Again, what is to be noted is that more than two-thirds agreed that HR had undergone or was undergoing a digital transformation.

The Indian segment of a popular International’s latest global ‘Future of HR’ survey, held on the based 2018 statistics indicated that HR leaders in India show better acknowledgment and recognition for change in HR compared to their global counterparts in various glorified countries. This survey had responses from approx 90 HR executives.

High towering Intent  Deliberately Slow Change
 47% of HR leaders said talent management will be the primary  HR initiative for them over the next few years60% of companies consider workplace culture the top barrier to digital transformation
60% are very confident about the HR’s Ability to transform change and move them forward with capabilities such as analytics and AI 37% said that the work culture in their organization was more task-oriented than experimental or ground-breaking innovative
91% of HR consider the need for workforce digital transformation important and pursuing 59% of HR executives have invested in human capital management in the last 2 to 3 years
 91% said that those who had invested in AI considered the investment worthwhile Only 50% of HR functions have seen the introduction of  Artificial Intelligence
 38% have successfully invested in cloud capabilities Just 26% invested in AI in the last two year
 91% said that those who had invested in AI, considered the investment worthwhile 36% who have not yet adopted AI in HR said that they were not at all prepared to respond strategically as AI and digital learning still didn’t emerge for them.

Business scenario is changing hastily. Most business and HR leaders who participated in the survey have recognized and accepted a serious need for both a workforce and digital transformation. These are therefore keen on bringing in this change as soon as possible by making increased investment in newer disrupting technologies like AI and improved process automation, in the coming future.

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