5 Tips for Selecting the Right Intranet Solution for Your Organization

Date: 11-Mar-2019

Intranet solution

Time and again, there have been serious debates over whether to build or buy an Intranet solution.

Which is the better option?
What is the best way forward?

But since the digital workplace requirements have become more complex today, more and more corporate companies are switching towards vendors to help build the communication gaps within their organization. So to help you make this selection process a lot easier, Creative Intranet Solutions help you to find out the items every brand should consider when choosing an Intranet solution.

1. Firstly Prioritize your Content

Everyone today wants their digital workplace intranet to be packed full of knowledge sharing, activity, and collaboration. Thus, you will want to select an intranet solution that not only provides content creation features but also is user-friendly. Present intranets are all about communication; be it within teams or across offices. An intranet not only allows the leadership team to push information but also enables them to listen.

So why is this feature manifest in the intranet?

Well, it’s all about good instant-messaging tools that allow everyone to share and contribute information, news, articles, comments on all articles, and live streams from Twitter.

2. Rewards and Peer to peer Recognition

The meaning of Peer to peer employee recognition lies exactly in its name; employees being recognized by each other for their extraordinary efforts and work.
And this, in turn, helps in increasing employee engagement, reducing employee turnover, increasing customer retention and satisfaction, and lastly helps in motivating employees.
Remember, a simple ‘thank you’ can work as an incredibly powerful gesture.
We all know that recognition is an important psychological need, and hence it shouldn’t stop at home only but being recognized and awarded at work is equally important.

3. Emphasize Integration

One should not forget that one of the bigger problems facing the modern digital workplace is noise. Employees have too many digital workplace tools to juggle between notifications from various platformsHence, Creative Intranet Solutions advises enterprises to consider solutions with ample integration to make this juggling more handy and manageable. Thus, brands should look to an intranet solution that could help to integrate personal productivity apps and endeavor systems into a central destination that meets the requirement of not only individual employees, and teams but also business owners, as well as the executing team.

This will definitely make it more convenient for employees to access tools like their preferred file-sharing system, document creation suite, instant messaging, communication, workflows, and core enterprise systems more efficiently and streamlined.
On top of integration, again we at Creative Intranet Solutions believe it’s equally important for an Intranet to actually help users find the relevant tools they want.
Look at the importance of integrating a feature that would enable employees to search all of their apps and tools from within your intranet. Wouldn’t that be great?

Lastly, Creative Intranet Solutions will advise, brands to shortlist out their most frequently used employee tools that would ensure that their chosen intranet solution streamlines and completely ease the routine work life of their employees, rather than complicating it further.

4. Search for a reliable Architecture

Poor architecture often can create unlimited pages, which leads to information getting dispersed, files getting lost, and heading towards total organizational chaos. The only real way to avoid this from happening is to hire an experienced intranet consultant or have a full-time IT person manage it in the office 24*7. Clearly, these are expensive options that need to be avoided, if possible. Thus finding an intranet with an architecture that evades this problem entirely should be an important factor when deciding on your Intranet Solution.

5. Selecting the appropriate feature list

Finally, Creative Intranet Solutions warns corporate companies about choosing an intranet based on excessive features that aren’t really mandatory or relevant to the brand’s basic objectives. Thus, brands should be extra careful while lining up their shortlist of intranet solutions against their prime objectives to see if the features will help them and serve each individual in a personalized and relevant way. It need not be a multimedia extravaganza even though a compelling employee experience is required.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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