The Human Side of Work – The Good, The Bad and The Machines

Date: 22-May-2018

Embracing automation and several technical means have become part and parcel of business organizations these days. Increasing dependency on machines is a possible replacement for humans and is, in turn, a bad way of seeing things. However, this also brings a positive attitude toward work efficiency.

Depending solely upon manpower or bringing the quick efforts of machines is like looking at two ways of the human side of work. While one is being performed by plenty of individuals within the organization, the latter is being administered by several machines also using minimal support from the human side.

So, as a whole both the scenarios have their good and bad sides that are as follows:

Positive Side:

  • Bringing Delicacy at the Backside: One of the positive outcomes of machines doing official work is performing difficult or delicate tasks which is not that easy to do under the supervision of humans only just like in the case of lifting heavy industrial machinery and loads.
  • Quick Submission: No doubt in the fact that automation means quick submission of work as compared to human effort.
  • No Strain: Doing the same task multiple times can be treacherous for manpower. However, machines do the same with no strain at all.

Negative Side:

  • Irking Manpower: Continuous dependency on machines surely irks humans in one way or the other.
  • Increasing Dependence: Using machines at large surely results in degrading the efforts of humans.
  • Health Factors: Of course, increasing usage of industrial machinery might lead to an adverse effect on the health of humans that results in several harmful and life-threatening diseases.



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