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So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?


Internal or External for your company Intranet portal

Company intranet portal hosting can be a challenge. Firstly let’s define Intranet An intranet is a network that is only accessible to users/employees within an organization. It is a private and restricted internal Web-based site. Intranets are mostly hosted externally, especially in companies that don’t have the required IT staff or infrastructure to run them. What are the advantages and disadvantages of intranet external hosting to a company? Disadvantages of External Hosting Advantages of External Hosting Do you need help in determining the best intranet solution for your company? Creative Social Intranet is at your rescue.

The Human Side of Work – The Good, The Bad and The Machines

Embracing automation and several technical means have become part and parcel of business organizations these days. Increasing dependency on machines is a possible replacement for humans and is, in turn, a bad way of seeing things. However, this also brings a positive attitude toward work efficiency. Depending solely upon manpower or bringing the quick efforts of machines is like looking at two ways of the human side of work. While one is being performed by plenty of individuals within the organization, the latter is being administered by several machines also using minimal support from the human side. So, as a The Human Side of Work – The Good, The Bad and The Machines

Employee Engagement: Who ‘OWNS’ It And How To Do It?

As organizations don’t hire people who can keep a close watch on employee engagement, it becomes difficult to ensure employees are engaged in a productive manner. When it’s not effective employee engagement, nobody can be called responsible for it. Every company wants to improve employee loyalty, but they don’t understand who could be assigned the task of handling activities related to employee engagement. In such a scenario, it’s difficult to tell who owns employee engagement in an organization. Employee engagement is a key to success in an organization of any type. Employees are productive only when they are enjoying their Employee Engagement: Who ‘OWNS’ It And How To Do It?