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So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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How Social Networking Software can help in Enterprise Collaboration?

The use of social networks for business has emerged as a critical mode of marketing platforms and managing employee and customer relationships with organizations. However, the use of social networks in enterprises need not be restricted to these areas. Communication and Collaboration through emails been always been a popular method in enterprises. But many times important emails are missed out due to over-clogging of mailboxes or if the designated person leaves the job. As per a Google survey, corporate email users send and receive an estimated 117 emails per day. Considering social networking software for enterprise collaboration and communication can be How Social Networking Software can help in Enterprise Collaboration?

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Why is your Approach To Employee Engagement Not Working?

If you are to believe the latest statistics, shows nearly 87% of employees across the globe are not engaged. Employee engagement is mostly referred to as a reward for today’s business leaders, and all this for a good reason. A highly engaged workforce sets the difference between a company that outperforms its competitors and one that fails to grow or increase. Some reports even stated that in the United States alone, organizations spend millions of dollars to improve their employee engagement. Yet progress towards a fully engaged workforce has been very minimal. Why? Engagement and the bottom line The risk Why is your Approach To Employee Engagement Not Working?

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Encouraging Emotions at work

Real-life experience of Mr. Sony Surana, MD for Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd., curator of Creative Social Intranet. How emotional intelligence is becoming vital to humans’ success in the increasingly digital future of work.“Sometimes back, My office colleagues were returning home in an auto rickshaw on this rainy day. When the rickshaw cut across the traffic and slammed into a water pit. The auto-rickshaw fell upside down and the people inside were startled and concussed. The first thing they did was to call me in the office. I could have sent my office peon, as I was in between Encouraging Emotions at work