The benefits of workplace collaboration and communication with Workplace alternative

Date: 25-Apr-2019

Creative Social intranet

What are the benefits of a social networking intranet application to the enterprise?

  • The best social media strategists focus on getting content for their platforms.
  • They create their own brands with the help of collaborations. It also helps to create a rich environment for communication as well.
  • Groups bring together all the people, resources, and information needed for collaboration.
  • Due to effective communication and collaboration, an entrepreneur can achieve the growth of the company.
  • The most effective intranet helps people work better together by providing them with social and collaborative tools.
  • Ultimately the goal of workplace collaboration is to increase success by increasing open communication among all team members across all departments.

Why Creative Social Intranet is the best alternative to the Workplace by Facebook?

Creative Social Intranet is the only Social Intranet, a modern workplace solution available on-premiseon hybrid solutions as well as on the cloud.

With the growing number of features like

  • Employee feed, comments, likes, dislikes
  • Employee dashboard
  • Workplace communication through groups
  • Workplace Collaboration through file sharing and uploading
  • Organization directory
  • Active LDAP sync
  • Single sign-on
  • Employee recognition and gamification benefits
  • Employee onboarding and e-learning
  • Workplace communication through groups
  • Live helpdesk and trouble ticketing5.Meeting room and asset booking system
  • Event and calendar management system
  • Employee poll and survey

And many more…

Creative Social Intranet is used by top Indian Conglomerates. Creative has received 4.5-star reviews in Capterra, A Gartner-owned genuine software review company.

  • Employee Increase their efficiency by up to 55% after using Creative Social Intranet, an alternative to the Workplace by Facebook
  • Companies Increase their efficiency by up to 45% after using Creative Social Intranet, an alternative to the Workplace by Facebook
  • There is an 80% increase in work collaboration after using Creative Social Intranet



So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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