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So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

3 Ways how Senior Leaders Create a Toxic Culture

3 Ways how Senior Leaders Create a Toxic Culture

It’s a known fact; in general, people at the top of an organization usually have a disproportionate level of influence over those they escort or lead, whether controlling the entire company, a department, a project, a region, or a business unit. And those further downward in the organization always look up to their leaders for cues on what’s okay and acceptable and what isn’t. Having your actions play out in public is a huge responsibility, and unfortunately, not too many leaders take this responsibility and authorization as seriously as they should. And its consequences can be further reaching than most 3 Ways how Senior Leaders Create a Toxic Culture


Can Gamification help to increase workplace engagement?

Entering gamification in the workplace? No! it’s not meant to turn work into a game. Its concept of digital motivation through gaming promises to breathe new engagement into employees around the globe—speaking in quick, instantly gratifying terms that we’ve grown accustomed to in the age of digital transformation. It’s an engagement tool. Know more about What Social gamification is and various ways to introduce social points in gamification and benefits at the workplace.

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Operating Model for the Next Gen People Function

Bringing certain changes within the business organization is necessary to be on a path of developmental as well as operational change. In order to fulfill, ever-evolving customer requirements, revenue, and total investment, it is necessary to do some modifications to the overall operational model. The changes could be depending upon new advanced technology, integrating the efforts of different departments, strategizing goals, and several other modifications. In simple terms, one has to come up with certain modifications at regular intervals after witnessing the current trend in the marketplace. Common Ways to Renew Operating Model for the Next Generation Individuals Going all Digital: Adopting Operating Model for the Next Gen People Function

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Delivering a Connected Employee Experience

At the end of the day, Employee experience is of extreme importance for the organization’s success. According to a survey conducted by The Future Workplace, the majority of employers (83%) said the employee experience is important or very important for organizational success. Yet, many companies do not spend dedicated time or resources making sure their employee experience is well-designed and aligned with company culture. You would hear companies and HR talk about employee engagement at multiple forums and in-office discussions, but the fact remains that there are very few that are able to deliver a connected employee experience that enriches them and in turn, makes them feel valued. Here Delivering a Connected Employee Experience


Masterclass – Is everyone meant to be a people leader?

Getting promoted at work generally happens due to improved performance, managerial tactics, better client handling, successful completion of projects, and various others. But, the actual reason that lies within you is the urge to perform better, compete with yourself and act like a true leader to drive forces of your own accord. There is a sheer difference between getting a lead and leading someone toward the path of success. Generally, there are numerous numbers that like to get a lead from a genuine professional player. While there are only those who possess leadership qualities to let individuals go along with Masterclass – Is everyone meant to be a people leader?