Make Enterprise Search a Success Factor for Intranets

Date: 03-Jun-2022

Search Engine for Enterprises

While there may be disagreements over how to design and build the finest intranet, one thing is certain: if employees come and can’t find what they’re looking for right away, they’re unlikely to return. The finest workplace search software should make it easier for employees to find what they need and eliminate that stumbling block.

Search Is Where It All Begins When It Comes To Online Activity

According to BrightEdge’s 2019 research, organic and sponsored searches dominate web traffic. In fact, it was discovered that a search accounted for 68 percent of all trackable website visits. If you want people to come to your website, you need to make it easy for them to find you.

Enterprise in the Google Style Your Organization’s Search

Your co-workers are internet users and customers as well. On a private company network, they anticipate the same things as they do on the internet. They desire to learn new things and complete activities. They want it to be a quick, painless procedure that doesn’t need them to wade through a maze of mismanaged files full of out-of-date papers.

What is an Intranet’s Purpose?

An employee intranet should make it easier for employees to find information that will help them execute their jobs better. It doesn’t matter if the information contains names of colleagues who can accomplish certain duties, instructions on how to plan a holiday, or product technical specifications.

1. Advanced Search Feature in Creative Social Intranet

    The search function in Creative Intranet is a sophisticated business search tool that allows users to quickly locate material across the intranet, including pages, individuals, blogs, forums, events, and more. Creative Search Intranet’s search lowers user annoyance and produces a more appealing employee intranet by making their work easier and their digital employee experience better.

    As users type phrases into the search box, our search function retrieves results and offers dynamic suggestions. This allows visitors to search directly from the page they’re currently on and get the top five results.

    To guarantee that the correct material is presented to users, Creative Social Intranet scans the following fields to provide you with the most comprehensive set of results:

    • The content’s title
    • Summary of the material
    • The content’s body
    • Topics
    • Keywords
    • User Profile Bio Attachments Name Job Title

    It is also possible to browse material via third-party integrations through the Full Search results page, in addition to browsing intranet-specific content. Users demand a complete content search experience, and this is what they get.

    2. Our Intranet Search Tools’ Key Characteristics

      • Search your intranet from start to finish, indexing numerous fields.
      • Relevance-sorted search results.
      • Use search criteria to narrow down any results that come up.
      • Ability to search for translated sites in the user’s native language.

      3. Intranet Governance and Enterprise Search

        Finally, while you’ll never be able to account for all of the ways people search for information, you can offer the most helpful and relevant results by using content lifecycle management and intelligent search. One startling fact regarding internet searching is that, although getting billions of queries every year, Google only receives 15% of daily searches. People do searches in several ways, employing a range of keyword methods. To find some of your organization’s important channels, you may wish to conduct surveys or observe users. Internal communicators and internal communications systems may be able to work together to provide the greatest employee experience.



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