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Digital workplace: Making a paperless organisation

5 effective benefits of the paperless organization Looking for new innovative ways to perk up efficiency at work? Considering taking your documents to the cloud, but not sure what substance should be in the digital space? Creative Social Intranet is here to help you… Transform your office into a digital workplace by exploring the benefits of going paperless. Going paperless move may have seemed somewhat visionary a few years ago, but The real need to go digital and move away from traditional formats is today recognized across almost every organization in every industry, including government institutions. Technically speaking, there isn’t much wait or difficulty in Digital workplace: Making a paperless organisation

Badges For Employee Recognition

Introducing Creative recognition badges to help your team feel appreciated in fun ways.

Recognition Badges are the fad in the world of digital gamification with playing games and online learning. Nowadays digital recognition and reward badges use visual representations of real-world achievements such as running marathons or super boss accomplishing targets. Employee recognition badges are thus a great way to acknowledge people for living company values and accomplishing specific important goals. Employee recognition badges are a unique opportunity for employees to give feedback to one another. Companies that have already provided recognition digital badges to their employees have analyzed that more than 70% of participants were actively involved in collecting badges and setting new trends for creative learning. Give Introducing Creative recognition badges to help your team feel appreciated in fun ways.

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Surviving the Skills Economy

Technology in today’s professional scenario is changing at a fast pace and every one of us learns the same with each passing time. You can note the fact that some of the professions started in early years no longer exist today as a great deal of skill set diversity has been witnessed. This is what to be called surviving the skills economy that allows you to learn new skills with changing times and get accustomed to recent professional changes to survive in the near future. So, here are a few of the skill sets that one needs to adopt for Surviving the Skills Economy