Intranet In Hospitality: How It Encourages Communication

Date: 02-Feb-2018

Internal communication, as well as an effective talk with guests, is a key in the hospitality industry. In addition to traditional methods, there are various types of advanced technologies that have been assisting a hotel’s staff in carrying out their operations and maintaining impressive internal communication.

Like other industries, the intranet has been helping the hospitality industry in having an effective network within the hotel where staff members can communicate with each other and make right moves suiting the hotel as well as its guests. Here’s what more social intranet does for a hotel:

Information sharing

Like other professional sectors, hospitality industry also includes information sharing among all staff members to ensure smooth workflow. The social intranet can help staff members identify their duties, shifts and other important information. Top staff members can also share information on events happenings in the hotel.

Improved Communication

In the availability of social intranet, staff members can talk to each other digitally. They are not required to visit each other in real time. They can discuss a matter over the platform, share their ideas or give options to improve services at the hotel.

Training new employees

In the case of new staff members, top management or seniors can use the intranet platform to train new employees or give them the necessary instructions to do their duties.


An advanced social intranet allows people accessing it to use the network on any kind of digital device with the internet. A hotel can ask its guests to share their experience with the hotel. This feedback can further be used to make necessary improvements in the hotel’s services.

Creative Web Mall For Hospitality Intranet

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