Ideas to Boost Internal Communication With Creative Social Intranet

Date: 19-Aug-2022

Ideas to Boost Internal Communication

An internal communication plan is a methodical way to share information, engage colleagues, and foster a productive atmosphere. A successful internal communication plan connects every moving aspect of your business – departments, supervisors, and workers – with compelling internal communications that match people with their daily activities and the larger corporate purpose.

Here are some internal communication ideas and trends to get you started if you want to completely transform how your management team and staff utilize internal communications software.

Make Video a Part of Your Internal Communication Strategy

Companies are nearly expected to convey content via video these days. According to Melcrum, “93 percent of internal communication specialists agree that video has become crucial.” It’s reasonable to argue that video is a never-ending internal communication trend.

Create an Internal Social Network

Including internal social networking as a priority in your internal communications plan enables individuals to interact with one another. It also assists your firm in searching for, sourcing, identifying, and consolidating staff skill sets. The easiest way to do this is to include social media methods in your internal communications plan. One method for incorporating social media elements into your company is to set up an internal social network.

Begin an Open Door Policy

One of the most effective strategies to increase workplace communication is to empower your staff to express and share their thoughts. Encourage good communication between managers and team members—ensure that workers share their ideas and discuss concerns as they emerge. Remember to underline that no one will be targeted for expressing their own views.

Make Internal Collaboration Tools Enjoyable

Consider an open workspace in which staff may easily collaborate and communicate. Incorporate your company’s logo, colors, and branding into your intranet to encourage employees and make them feel a part of your firm. These are some simple internal communication strategies for increasing productivity and general satisfaction in your firm.

Implement Intranet Software

Intranets provide information to individuals and facilitate two-way contact between employees and their employers. They boost productivity and improve internal communication by providing collaboration tools that allow individuals to work together and social aspects that encourage debate.

Make Your Company Employee-Focused

Employee-centric settings are a hot topic in the internal communication and business arenas. The argument is straightforward: if you take care of your employees, they will take care of you. Instead of focusing on what your workers do for you, treat them as individuals. How do you make a personal connection? How can you encourage their hobbies, even if they are unrelated to their jobs? Employees perform better when these factors that appear to be beyond the scope of their duties are prioritized.

Communicate Up And Across

Consider this internal communication trend to execute successful change and make balanced decisions: a bottom-up company communication strategy where employees may share their ideas and thoughts and publicly address them to other employees and management. It is probable that including the non-managerial team in decision-making would improve teamwork and appreciation for what management is doing.


People inside your organization are the engines that propel your business ahead… Your teams will struggle to achieve their full potential unless they communicate properly. Try some of the previous 20 internal communication trends and concepts in your company to evaluate which ones work best. When your internal communication strategy is prioritized, you will reap the rewards of a thriving, high-performing workforce.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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