10 Top Companies That Successfully Engage Employees Through Intranet

Date: 25-Jul-2022

10 Top Companies That Successfully Engage Employees Through Intranet

Companies that are industry trendsetters did not achieve success overnight. They needed to put together winning groups. Employee involvement comes into play in this situation.

How do you build an efficient employee engagement system?

We looked at ten different companies and opened with a few questions. The first question was which businesses have been successful in engaging their employees across industry sectors and businesses? The second question is, what tools and approaches do these organizations utilize to engage their employees?

Let’s look at the top ten employee engagement organizations and the technologies they utilize for internal communication.

1. Microsoft

    Microsoft has served as a catalyst in terms of employee involvement through a variety of platforms. So, how exactly do they do it?

    The organization allows workers to network with staff and leaders by introducing a “CEO Connection” page into its internal communications plan. Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, describes the firm as one of “learners” rather than “know-it-alls.” The ‘Daily Pulse’ from Microsoft is a series of pulse surveys that capture a glimpse of how employees are feeling. The firm organizes a variety of team-building activities and opportunities for coworkers to get to know one another.

    2. Alphabet Inc.

      The firm was the first to offer workers a transferrable stock option program in 2006. Employees are encouraged to take ownership and satisfaction in their work through the company’s well-known 20 percent creative time, and 80 percent work program. Google also provides full workplace freedom to its workers. The majority of employees can benefit from working remotely or in a hybrid environment.

      3. Salesforce Inc.

        Employees at Salesforce Inc. are given 56 hours of paid time to volunteer in local communities. They also have access to a competitive matching policy of up to $5,000 per year for charitable contributions to issues they care about. Equality Groups, which are employee-led groups focusing on shared origins, identities, or interests, are available to employees. The company’s Wellness Reimbursement Program gives employees $100 per month to spend on whatever wellness activity they like, such as yoga courses or nutrition treatment.

        4. Mastercard

          The company’s commitment to a diverse workplace is unshakable, and it is backed up by rigorous staff training. They accept frequent employee input as part of their workplace inclusion policy to guarantee that all employees’ opinions are heard. Mastercard has evolved to adapt to flexible work arrangements since remote work became the norm during the coronavirus epidemic.

          5. Apple

            Everything about the organization, from the flexible corporate hierarchy to the open workplace style, invites cooperation. Since 2015, Apple has provided all workers with free stock awards ranging from $1000 to $2000. Apple workers also have access to a variety of health programs, including in-house exercise centers and expansive nature walks just outside their doors.

            6. Cisco Systems

              The firm has pushed its Cisco Code of Business Conduct, realizing that clarity and work standards are critical drivers of employee engagement. Employees can utilize this resource for guidance and examples of integrity in the workplace. Another method the organization embraces to encourage employee participation is through a formal Employee Recognition Initiative. An anonymous pulse survey asks workers for input on anything from management to career development as part of the company’s employee engagement objectives.

              7. PepsiCo’s

                Their vision is driven by the following seven fundamental employee behaviors and values:

                • Integrity in Action.
                • Ownership.
                • Express Fearlessly.
                • Being Customer-focused.
                • Celebration of Success.
                • Raising the Bar in Terms of Skill and Diversity.
                • Concentrating on Getting Things Done Quickly

                They are always listening to their staff to ensure that they are offering the greatest possible experience. Employee accomplishments are constantly recognized by the organization. It also provides a variety of ways for employees to express themselves through a series of pulse surveys.

                8. Travel Counsellors Ltd.

                  The Travel Counsellors staff may build personalized employee communications using ContactMonkey’s mail merging tool. The team collects useful employee input by incorporating employee pulse surveys into internal mailings. Travel Counsellors were able to track interaction with critical communications using a technology that provided in-depth email analytics.

                  9. Intuit

                    Intuit establishes diversity and inclusion goals on a regular basis. Pay equity is a key component of their diversity and inclusion policy, according to the corporation.

                    10. Nvidia

                      At Nvidia, there is only one team. That implies there will be no politics or hierarchies. This form of organizational culture fosters employee trust and confidence in their ability to contribute to the workplace. Employees at Nvidia are encouraged to take risks and regard failure as a stepping stone to success.


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