HR Social Intranet portal encourages knowledge sharing in an organization

Date: 07-Mar-2018

According to a recent survey, employees spend a long time communicating emails to their co-workers and sharing knowledge with them. In the absence of an HR intranet platform with multiple features, they have to use different tools to collaborate, communicate and transfer data to each other. In this way, they don’t get extra time to be productive in the workplace and make extra efforts for the company.

By using Creative Social Intranet, an HR intranet software application in its most advanced form, productivity can be improved and employees can be given one tool where they can communicate, search, share data and post important information. The right use of social intranet can lead to knowledge sharing in a company.

HR Intranet Software to get tasks done faster

Here’s how:

Social HR Intranet – One Spot To Access Information And Use It

Even employees sitting in remote regions can access important information and data shared over the social intranet and quickly react to it. In this way, they get extra time to work on the information and use it to make the right decisions.

Social HR Intranet – Encourages Communication Through Different Sources

Advanced HR intranet application can be used on any type of smart device with any size. In this manner, they engage in communication with other employees, instead of being spectators.

Social HR Intranet – Collaboration, Not Hierarchy


This HR friendly intranet portal brings both top management and low-level employees on a common platform, which is beneficial for the both. They can communicate with each other as groups or hold meetings.

Social HR Intranet – Quick Feedback

Over the social intranet, HR managers can get reports from employees and can give feedback to them quickly. Employees can work on this quick feedback to ensure no mistakes are being repeated.

Creative Social Intranet can help you set up the right and advanced form of a social intranet which is helpful to your every HR and employee. The company ensures effective working of the intranet at cost-effective prices.

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