How Blockchain Will Modify the Way We Live and Work

Date: 20-Feb-2019

Block Chain

Hacker Proof

In all fields ranging from banking and secure communication to health care and ride-sharing, blockchain has a huge impact on the future of the market. Blockchain is the backbone of a new type of internet which allows digital information to be distributed not copied. This technology enables distributed storage that holds immutable data in a secure and encrypted form that cannot be altered. We cannot understate the impact of Blockchain as it is similar to all other future technologies. This kind of setup has obvious benefits. The records are public and easily verifiable so hackers can’t corrupt the information as it is not present at any centralized location.

Distributed Approach

The traditional way of sharing document to and forth between sender and recipient makes it a time taking process if any party wishes to make changes to it. As only one user can edit the document as it gets locked for the other till the time former releases the access. The distributed scenario gets applicable when sharing needs to done across large number of people. Say in case of legal documents, distributed approach is very effective instead of passing them to one another which created issues like losing track on versions.

Why Creative Social Intranet?

As the Blockchain is not controlled by single entity and has no single point of failure, it is a very effective approach to be implemented in Intranet service setup at any organization. We at Creative Social Intranet believe that future years will be time of well-considered and well-funded proof of concept. We provide intranet portal software loaded with useful and meaningful features for employee engagement. Our team believes that together we can set up the new level of success for any business. We promise to deliver best intranet services in market with numbers of satisfied clients in industry. Feel free to connect us for any query or free demo.



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