What Employees forever desire from Their Intranet

Every intranet software should be designed with unique features to suit the organization on it is serving. But several themes persist so often that they feel so basic for an intranet to address. Creative Social Intranet frequently does discovery work and surveys for intranet design and digital workplace strategies. Listed are the factors that stood out time and again and showed what desirepatterns emerged

Traits Of Good Web Intranet Development Service Provider

Good web intranet software is an efficient, quick, and cost-effective way for a company to deliver the right information to its employees. But a web intranet is only useful when it is used correctly and advancedly. An organization needs to personalize its website intranet in such a way that in addition to link building, effective communication can be built between all people of a company. A good web intranet development service provider offers an intranet solution with lots of effective and beneficial features.

You just Met someone who Tested COVID-19 Positive. Are You Safe?

Even as the Corona virus cases in India are increasing at an alarming rate every passing day, people have slowly but surely started venturing out to accept the new normal. As businesses resume their normal operations and markets flood with visitors, chances coming in contact with a COVID-19 positive person or contracting the disease increases.

Is Coronavirus fear disconnecting your workforce?

The outbreak of Coronavirus has led to a slowdown of various giant organisations and their routine operations. As the coronavirus epidemic widens, Public health officials have recommended corporates to allow people to work from home. Although the COVID-19 coronavirus causes flu-like symptoms, it’s not a flu virus. The fact that there is no vaccine or antiviral treatment currently available to fight the disease and so people have to rely on more basic strategies to reduce the risk of the infection. Those strategies include avoiding opportunities for the virus to spread through direct contact with people who have an infection.

How to use onboarding data to predict employee performance

Onboarding employees is a huge task. You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression and help set your new employee’s choice to join your organization. It’s difficult to have everything in order for day one when new hires are coming to your office, but what if they’re all starting from their own workplace? For companies that operate with a fully remote workforce or the various who embrace remote hiring in addition to offices, onboarding employees becomes even tougher. Not only do you need to make sure they’re set up logistically from afar, but you need to make sure that they start to feel part of the team without meeting in person.

5 tips to stay fit in quarantine

COVID-19 cases emerging daily, staying at home in self-quarantine is requested by the Government. Public parks and fitness centres where individuals are normally active are also temporarily closed. This is a significant challenge for us to remain physically active, with prolonged lockdown period. If you continue with sedentary behaviour and low levels of physical activity, it can have negative effects on the health, well-being and quality of life. Staying at home in self-quarantine can also cause additional stress and challenge the mental health of individuals.

Workplace and Anxiety: 4 Ways to lessen stress in your job

It is universally common for people around the globe to get tensed and suspicious with their work and the tough work hours. People even face anxiety due to it. And because to the routine tough work schedules, work pressure, severe deadlines, etc. they also tend to get tired. This adversely affects their health and also their mind. And this further hampers the productivity level. Hence, follow the below mentioned tips to lessen your work anxiety.

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