Creative Social Intranet Solving Big Problems For Small Business

Date: 31-Jan-2023

Creative Social Intranet Solving Big Problems For Small Business

With Creative Social’s cloud-based intranet software, put an end to tiny workplace nuisances:

  • User-friendly pages
  • Newsfeeds, activity walls, and blogs
  • Instant messaging
  • Calendar and the employee list
  • Sharing and storing files
  • Social Intranet features

Costs that are affordable. No IT knowledge is necessary. ideal for small businesses.

A single solution with multiple benefits

Learn How Creative Social Intranet Software meets the requirements of Small Businesses Today.

Work Together

Encourage actual teamwork by using tools that make it simple to communicate and share information.

Monitor development

To complete work more quickly and easily, automate processes and monitor progress.

Avoid Email Chaos

To reduce email overload, switch to more intelligent communication methods like forums, blogs, and instant messaging.

Smooth Flow of Information

Guaranteed to make vital business information transmission easier

Swifter Judgments

Maintain file organization and gain easy access to accurate information for a quick resolution.

Develop Internal Procedures

Make sure that HR, compliance, health and safety, and other crucial policies are accessible.

Promote Culture

Develop your internal brand by giving your intranet a lively personality.

Encourage working remotely

Give employees a convenient way to work from home in a secure manner.

Intranet For Small Business Features

  • Newsletter
  • Feedback
  • File Sharing
  • Staff Directory
  • Forums
  • Search
  • Notifications
  • Branding
  • Policies + Procedures
  • Quiz + Survey
  • Auto Workflows
  • Activity Wall
  • Calendar

Why Is An Intranet Crucial For Small Businesses?

Creating High-Performing Mini Enterprises from Small And medium businesses

In a small business, things may move quickly. Staff members have conflicting priorities and wear several hats. Finding the time to convey information in an effective manner can be particularly challenging for small business owners.

Consider an employee intranet as the focal point for all of your company’s internal operations. You can post brief updates on your intranet’s homepage using the activity wall or the news feed module. Staff members can access all the necessary files, folders, and workflows from this page, as well as examine upcoming events in the corporate calendar, look up contact information in the staff directory, and access the staff directory.

They’ll appreciate Creative Social Intranet’s self-service design, which allows users to choose to get pertinent content via several #channels. As a result, they spend less time and effort processing information.

Employees may collaborate, get company news and updates, access and store crucial documents, automate tasks, and much more in a safe and secure environment provided by the Creative Social intranet.No other technical solution provides as much value in a single platform as this one, which is jam-packed with several tools for the modern small business.

Making Communication Simple For Smaller Teams

Smaller businesses frequently have staff members juggling multiple projects while also managing their time and priorities.

Access to the appropriate information is crucial, as well as effective team communication. An email has lost favor in this situation because of its extensive threads.

In its place, instant messaging, #channels, and group chats are incredibly efficient ways to make sure every coworker is included—both on and off-site. Utilize this new tool to address problems, publish comments that are viewable by everyone, and communicate information to your coworkers in real time.

Collecting and Retaining Knowledge

Get rid of long emails, deleted communications, and missing documents. Locating, gaining access to, and changing crucial documents is incredibly straightforward using Creative Social Intranet document management and file sharing system. Even talks held in online chat rooms are recorded for future use.

If you have all of your intellectual property under one virtual roof, you won’t ever have to be concerned about crucial information left with an employee who leaves.

Protected File Storage

Every business, big or small, must manage an ever-growing pile of paperwork. A unified, secure, cloud-based intranet with limitless storage would be ideal for small business owners.

There is no need for bulging filing cabinets or information that is vanishing because all documents and data may be stored online.

Shared Digital Workspaces

Having a shared digital workspace is now essential as remote work becomes the new standard. The sharing of information, data, and insights with a selected workforce takes place in projects or workplaces.

Here, they can exchange thoughts, come up with their own projects, and work on them while making sure to stay on the same page.

The responsibilities and roles of team members can be taken into account when setting up different access levels.
Staff can access information from their Android, iPhone, or any other device, wherever they are, thanks to the cloud-based nature of the Creative Social Intranet.

Streamline Procedures

Automated online forms can help you save time and increase productivity. These are perfect for repetitive tasks like ordering stationery supplies, scheduling annual leaves, onboarding new employees, etc.

Get rid of email and paper-based systems forever, lowering the possibility of human error and duplication of work.

Creative Social Intranet For Small Business

Your employees can interact, share information, and collaborate in new and interesting ways with the help of a creative social intranet.

Now including consumer-level social capabilities is this new generation of software. Your team will find it simple to search for, post, update, and comment on the material.

They are able to produce and distribute information in a variety of formats, including pictures and videos.

Because Creative Social Intranet includes many of the same elements found on popular social media platforms (like Facebook and Twitter), involvement on your company’s intranet will feel natural to you. These features include likes, comments, tagging, and @mentions.

Do It Yourself vs Ready-Made Intranet

Assess the benefits and drawbacks of building your own intranet versus using a ready-made solution.

Do-It-Yourself Option

It is possible to create an intranet totally from scratch, however, few small organizations have the resources or the desire to do so. This necessitates a significant level of technical expertise and necessitates hosting the intranet on a company server. Therefore, choosing this option would need a substantial expenditure of time and money in addition to a lot of money.

An alternative is to create an intranet using readily available programs like WordPress or SharePoint.

However, this technique still needs some technical expertise because sometimes, the program needs to be extended by add-ons and plugins to achieve all the functionality you need. That’s a big undertaking to complete with WordPress alone having over 40,000 plugins accessible!

Also keep in mind that while these kinds of software can supply intranets, they were not created with that particular need in mind, making them less than ideal.

Furthermore, these solutions are not the quick and simple fix that they may have initially seemed to be due to the development, testing, and piloting that is required.

Cloud-hosted Intranet

Pre-built, tried-and-true tools and modules are included with a cloud-hosted intranet.

Long-term testing and piloting are not necessary. It’s only necessary for you to add your unique mark through the use of colours, logos, and branding. The cloud provider is also working in the background and is willing to lend assistance or provide guidance as needed to aid with installation.

Additionally, the straightforward setup eliminates the need for a considerable deal of technical expertise; your intranet can actually be operational in a matter of hours.

A user-friendly collection of administrative tools makes ongoing management equally straightforward. Security is handled by the provider of the intranet, and updates are carried out automatically.

Uncertainty over costs is a constant problem, particularly for small enterprises where margins can be constrained. Furthermore, there are no unforeseen fees or extra charges when using a cloud intranet because all prices are upfront and transparent.

Additionally, because your cloud intranet is versatile and adaptive to your needs, it can simply expand along with your organization.


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