Creative Social Intranet Brings Evolution in Mobile First Intranet Design In 2022

Date: 18-Jun-2022

Evolution in Mobile First Intranet

In today’s ever-changing work scenario, it isn’t enough to be just mobile-friendly. As innovation accelerates and your people start getting adapted to change, mobile-friendly needs to give way to a mobile-first approach which is the best way for the entire workforce to connect. But how exactly do you achieve the best mobile experience that ensures your employees stay connected?

Leaders in the post-pandemic era, are prioritizing mobile accessibility as a result of the flexible working patterns observed among the employees, with employees smartly transitioning between the office and home workspaces. This has set up the foundation for the future where digital infrastructure will be at the core of all work.

With mobile accessibility becoming a universal phenomenon, it’s still a concern that not all mobile experiences are the same. Rich aesthetics should be the topmost priority in any mobile intranet development program in order to boost engagement and productivity. There is no one-size-fits-all model when it comes to building an engaging design for a mobile intranet. So Creative Social Intranet shares some unavoidable design tips that make a successful mobile intranet.

Creative Social Intranet Leverages Today’s Issues To Guide Tomorrow’s Innovation

Innovation in mobile experience is dependent on today’s pain points faced by the employees with their mobile intranet. Creative Social Intranet identified that employees have trouble accessing the latest news and updates from the company. This pain point was highlighted in the new design update and employees started receiving highlights within their intranet dashboards.

Key Information Should Always Be Available To Employees

Remote teams need to save time on finding critical information from emails and other documents, Instead, these teams should have streamlined access to all resources their work is dependent upon. This is exactly what Creative Social Intranet has achieved with its mobile intranet. We have built a mobile responsive content management system (CMS) with multiple category segments and access controls for specific groups with advanced search to browse through all the data from the knowledge base.

Adapt Push Notifications

Creative Social Intranet has developed a push notification feature in the mobile intranet app to keep remote employees updated. Rather than waiting to have them check their inboxes, push notifications flash on their mobile so that they can get the news faster and respond if required.

Make It Easy For Everyone To Adopt Change

Make the voices of your deskless employees heard and make them a part of the conversation while they are mobile. Our extremely user-friendly interface makes it easier for employees to share stories about their latest tasks and journeys, update their upcoming activities, be a part of the debate or conversation, all from a single platform.

Is Your Company Ready To Dive In?

A mobile intranet isn’t just a pretty nice thing to have at today’s workplace. It’s a necessity. Contact our digital workplace specialists if you want to deploy a mobile-first employee experience platform.



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