Digital Learning: Motivating Content For Your Intranet Every Day With Creative Social Intranet

Date: 13-Jun-2022

Workers may view a widget and a dedicated part on the intranet that automatically publishes fresh information every day. You are not required to take any action. The contents will auto-update and provide the ideal daily energy boost. During your daily coffee break, you’ll make your intranet and Microsoft Teams more interesting.

What Can You Discover in Creative Social Intranet Digital Learning?

Hundreds of pieces of content, updated daily, to boost engagement with your business intranet:

  • For your staff, there is one original yearly format plus 200 different microlearning objects with continual topic rotations.
  • Throughout the year, 14 macro thematic areas were addressed to improve soft skills in just 2 minutes each day!
  • 5 weekly energy moments that have a good impact on your employees’ days!
  • Monthly Gaming Winners will get 12 Ultimate Awards to ensure commitment fulfillment and healthy competition!

5 Reasons For Business Training On A Daily Basis

Take care of five factors to communicate corporate values, develop a business community, encourage collaboration and creativity, and boost employee engagement.


By developing motivation, provide essential intranet information for personal and professional progress.

Each resource will be treated by Masters, Ambassadors who will impart “not just the skill, but also that special fire capable of causing you to make a quantum leap in quality.”


It boosts productivity by improving employees’ physical and mental well-being through enjoyable daily appointments.


It boosts employees’ productivity every day in a matter of minutes by providing brief but precise inspiration and instructions on a variety of topics.


Give contributors food for thought so they may be more creative in their regular tasks.


Through an exciting route of shared progress, it develops employee engagement and a sense of belonging to a community.

In-Company Training Is Inevitable

It is commonly accepted that businesses must act in these five areas at this point in history in order for individuals to work more effectively and organizations to achieve better outcomes.

Three Steps To Company Training

Step #1

Every day of the week, the employee may benefit from a few minutes of microlearning content on a certain topic (motivation, well-being, effectiveness, art, and technique).

Step #2

Every month, employees will be able to participate in a topic of macro training areas such as communication, digital, security, sustainability, well-being, performance, and others.

Step #3

Employees will be invited to participate in a gaming tournament connected to the subjects discussed at the conclusion of each month, with the winner receiving a cultural experience as a prize.

Don’t Overlook The Advantages of Digital Training

Each organization may add valuable material to its intranet to represent its culture and suit the communication and collaboration demands of its workers.

What Is Creative Social Intranet And How Does It Work?

It’s a ready-to-use business intranet that’s meant to cut costs and time to market by delivering a cutting-edge, collaborative digital workspace.



So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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