5 Reasons Why You Still Need a Communication Portal

Date: 13-Jul-2022

7 reasons why company information should be shared with employees

Intranets for businesses are now easier to use, more engaging, and more beautiful than ever before. We think of them as all-in-one content and employee experience platforms with limitless benefits for your company. As more people work from home, it’s more critical than ever to keep staff connected. Employees also want an intranet experience to be on par with the other social media platforms they use on a regular basis.

All of these obstacles may be overcome with the aid of the (new and better) business intranet!

Why Do Organizations Still Utilize Intranets (And Why Should They?)

We can confidently give five reasons why you still need a corporate intranet based on our experience deploying contemporary employee intranets in all sizes of enterprises.

Your Team’s Productivity Will Increase

According to 86 percent of CEOs, ineffective communication negatively influences productivity. It’s easier to share information when you have a dedicated employee communications platform.

An intranet is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Reduce your usage of email – did you know that the average employee spends 3.1 hours per day on email? An intranet offers more appealing choices for company-wide collaboration.
  • Allow for speedier replies to minor to medium difficulties by putting FAQs, a helpdesk, and resources in one place.
  • Make information easy to access — a knowledge management platform like an intranet may help you prevent information overload.
  • Give your staff access to all of the tools and information they’ll need to do their jobs well.

Collaboration Is Simple

The use of collaboration tools is increasing, from 55 percent in 2019 to 79 percent in 2021. It’s no surprise, given the widespread use of remote and mixed work. Regardless of whether your staff is in the same area or not, a business intranet allows them to:

  • Easily share ideas — This is especially true if your workplace intranet includes an idea management tool.
  • Each department may save important documents such as HR rules and user guides.
  • Complete work together — You may collaborate in real-time with an intranet on Office 365.
  • Interact with various teams and stay informed about what each is working on.

Build A Strong Company Culture

Easy cooperation and communication encourage your employees to engage and get to know one another, which is especially important if you:

  • Include a social component in your intranet – The intranet is a social arena, with anything from social media, and feeds to re-creating water cooler talks.
  • Use the intranet as a place to post notices and news. – To avoid getting lost in overloaded boxes, put the message where workers will see it.
  • Keep the business culture alive by bringing corporate communications to the intranet.
  • Employees and teams should be recognized – Give kudos and make sure everyone in the workplace is aware of your accomplishments.

Safe Knowledge Management

In an age of information overload, the business intranet is a single source of truth for all firm information. It gives you a single location to keep all of your company’s papers, which are constantly up-to-date and accessible to anybody on your team.

What is the significance of this?

  • It guarantees that knowledge access is not hampered by personnel churn.
  • Thanks to technologies such as search, employees are able to access the information they require to execute their duties.
  • Microsoft security is available if you pick an intranet on Office 365.

An Engaged & Connected Staff

Employee experience is universal. A well-designed and contemporary business intranet promotes efficiency, growth, creativity, and connection – all vital aspects of an engaged workforce.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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