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Companies use intranet software, a type of internal social network, for employee analytics, task delegation, and communication. It can be kept private and only available to personnel and employees of the company.

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Social Intranet Software

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Intranet Software Solutions

Creative Social Intranet is an employee engagement software that enables internal communication with a social touch.

  • Creative Social Intranet allows its user to
  • Effectively share information
  • Share Google News
  • Connect with other employees
  • Endorse other employees
  • Share a blog post or quote

Creative Onboarding software helps HR managers to spare some time from the basic onboarding process.

  • It aids the HR Managers to manage new hires by
  • Automating the onboarding process
  • Digital training and development
  • Digital Signature
  • It helps in reducing the paper cost by opting for digital storage of documents

Creative Meeting Room System which allows an organization or company to effectively and efficiently use the meeting rooms in the company without any confusion and hassle. To avoid the inconvenience of “who booked the room?” or “Is the room booked?” This software helps organizations or company’s employee to effectively manage and schedule their work assignments. Creative has come up with a solution which helps employees to:

  • Check the availability of the room
  • Book a meeting room
  • Cancel the booking of meeting room

Recognition has forever been the driving force of employee motivation and engagement. With Rewards and Recognition Software company can motivate employees to the growth and fulfilment of the company goals and aspiration.

  • Giving them Awards
  • Giving them a batch
  • Awarding them with digital certificates
  • Rewarding employees with coupons
  • Providing them with an opportunity to customize awards and badges

Creative Intranet solutions Helpdesk ticketing system allow you to deliver best customer services by It helps to analyse problem if any and suggest a better solution which will ultimately satisfy the client. It helps the internal staff to track and solve the issues effectively by prioritizing the task.

  • Tracking submitted tickets
  • Monitoring ticket status and
  • Estimating completion timeline

Creative Recruitment Portal helps HR mangers to recruit the best of the employees for the jobs available in the organization, it allows new job applicants to appear for pre-employment assessment test based on specific skills and hire them. It’s an easy to use, effective, customized and time-saving software to analyse the candidates and select the best suitable employee based on the test scores uploaded on the system.

Working and providing remarkable outputs is important and so is improving with the changing time. That is why Creative offers a Micro learning platform to aid the improvement in the skills of workforce while incorporating a training program to fit with the daily workflow.The HR department can adopt this system to provide the employees with the next generation learning experience and also ensure to have engaged employees while filling in the skill gaps. This system all together enhances the learning process to make it fun and enjoyable with inclusion of gamification and acknowledgement via awarding point, certificates and badges.

Creative Intranet solutions offers a system which smoothest the guest onboarding process by digitalizing it for the comfort of guest and hassle-free documentation. It sends an invite to the guest about the venue and time prior to their visit and allows them to digitally check-in avoiding the time consuming paper-work.

Creative Time sheet management software is an HR software, it helps the HR manager to check the progress of the company employees. The Employee has to update the task, upload its details and schedule a timeline for the same. It helps the manager to understand the availability of the manpower to aid the adoption of a new task. This software also helps employer to track the progress of each employee.

It is a learning management software which helps employees to improve their knowledge in a fun way. It can be used in training and development of a new hired employee by improving the e-learning process by gamification of the training program.

Best Intranet Platform

Best for document sharing across and between organizations

In the beginning, the first intranet portals were easy and trouble-free. They offered very little ability to publish or view company information and policies. But times have changed; now intranet portals tend to be more powerful, and more influential. Its added features include shared file storage, virtual workspaces, collaboration areas, spot messaging, and quick IT support systems among many other components. An intranet portal is often addressed as an intranet, company intranet, or staff intranet.

  • In today’s world, businesses are blooming with the versatility that digital platforms have provided to several businesses.
  • Digitalization is improving business processes. Nowadays every business aspect from operations to management uses digital tools to ease the workflow.
  • The intranet provides an enterprise with a private, safe, and secure dais to carry out various business aspects.

Enterprises need software solutions for?

Internal communication intranet portal

Internal Communication

Communication is a crucial key for employee engagement. More than 60% of the employees are not satisfied with their job because of lack of proper communication. One of the hotspots to carry out all the company communication is emails. Which is usually a rich but messy place for communication that requires regular follow back. To find information on this platform can be quite difficult. On Intranet one can have designated groups formed for specific project or department, where they can carry on with various communication related to the to the topic and it will all be at one specific location, thereby reducing further confusion.

Internal file sharing intranet

File Sharing

When many files are uploaded each day, to keep track of all this data and to access them when further needed would be quite a hassle.

Intranet act as an online repository for all the company files, documents and forms that would be required by the company and helps in distinguishing each file by its name and its project. It helps to easily navigate, share and manage this data.

With easy access to data from a centralized repository it is easy to use that information to enhance the project management process.


Communication is the essence of collaboration. Intranet gives employees a platform to share ideas, views and opinions to a vast audience. It makes communication between departments, within department and between an employee easy, thereby increasing the rate of collaboration. With the help of an intranet tool employees can easily access the data from stored repositories and can work on it.

Internal Chat

Internal chat will aid you to reach all employees in an easy way. Whether that employee is a part-timer, employee of the office, the production room or the field staff. With different designated contact details for all the employees, it is relatively easy to communicate with them one-on-one. It is also an effective tool to build relation among colleagues and managers.

Employee motivation appreciation intranet

Employee Motivation

Motivated employees are more productive, thereby allowing companies to achieve their goals more swiftly. Motivation is an important factor, when employees are motivated to work, they are more satisfied, committed and efficient. Intranet aids in improving employee motivation by encouraging employees to practice positive and motivating communication. An Intranet employee can create and share motivating content in the public posts that others consume, and comments on. This content can be a blog, picture or just any other media.

Multilevel admins Intranet

Team & Project Management

Intranet is a sophisticated platform for team communication, one can even form specific groups with specific participants on an Intranet. They can have all the discussion and sharing of data on the group. It improves the communication and collaboration rate of the team and aids them to deliver more promising result.

Elearning on intranet


On an Intranet the training and development of an employee is even more easy. As all the employee needs to do is to select the training course and get on with the learning process. Intranet aids in employee onboarding process or when a company starts a new service and needs to train the employees for the same.