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Information is most vital commodity for lucrative working of any organization. All companies are using latest technologies to manage their most valuable asset aka information. Its management is its biggest challenge for some businesses as they need to effectively cater the need to blend it well with present organization structure and make most of it. Intranet is a setup or system that allows people of an organization to communicate and share information among st each other. Earlier it was fundamentally used for sharing forms, policies and procedures. Modern Intranet unlike traditional Intranet has given collaborative platform that enables the workforce to access all the information readily available exactly on the time when they need it. It captures and manages each person’s work so that others can easily find it and use it if required. It offers movement of information across branches and departments irrespective of location if they are at same site or across sites.

For a successful rollout of Intranet, companies generally spend resources on varied aspects including planning and designing. However Intranet Training is equally important for smooth running of Intranet with its maximum utilization. The normal process of Intranet launch starts by conducting internal meetings, evaluating demonstrations by different vendors and ends at finalizing the product and partner. But that is not all; you have to work on adding content on your Intranet to attract your employees. So you need to have a planned strategy to administer your site and train your employees to use the new platform effectively. Just announcing the successful installation is not enough if you want to make the launch successful and want faster adoption amongst your employees.

The first and foremost step is to set goals within the Intranet team depending on your needs and size of setup. This includes clear defining of the roles of administrator, user account manager and content manager. The important task is to define the responsibility of delivering Intranet training to end users and appointing a point of contact in case of any queries. There can be possibly an entire team or a single individual who will cater all the doubts and get employees accustomed to the new software environment. Once the roles are clearly defined you should define the expectation of each role for Intranet governance. Editors, Trainers, Maintenance Team should know their scope and perform tasks in given deadlines.

In order to make all roles and responsibilities fall in place, your team needs to be trained. If you will purchase a reputed branded Intranet portal will likely provide Intranet training as part of their setup service to get your administrators comfortable with the new tool through in house training, web classes or videos. You will have to frame e-learning and training modules for your employees so that they can learn basics like logging in, managing profile, searching contents, sharing and ultimately create their own content. Independent of your training methods, it is critical to take feedback and answer all their queries. You can create frequently asked questions and answer section in your content so that all employees can access the information in case they have similar concerns. Then comes the perfect time to launch your portal as everyone knows their roles and employees are excited to use new platforms.

Few Features of Employee Learning and Development Application

  • CMS for all Content, trainings, E-books,Streaming videos
  • Training Needs (TN) and Users Bulk import through API and Excel imports
  • TNI mapping to users
  • Trainer, Supervisor and Employee login through LDAP active directory sync
  • Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly Calendar and Scheduled Alerts
  • Live Training Ticket Booking Engine
  • MIS generation
  • Feedback Mechanism and Bulk Attendance Input