Art of Connecting Employees: Intranet For Office Employees For Better Communication

Date: 19-Jan-2018

Communication Tools Used in Modern Day Business

For a company of any size, communication among employees is a key to get favorable outcomes. When internal communication falls apart, it affects every corner of an organization. This is a reason top management keeps on working to improve communication among staff members. Apart from conversation and information sharing among employees, there should be effective communication sources to develop a connection between managers and low-level employees.

Although there are traditional methods of internal communication, like visiting employees personally, most of them aren’t easy or are slow. In the modern business world where lots of technologies have been helping companies in any way, there is an effective source of networking among employees: The intranet.

The intranet isn’t just a fast and modern way to connect employees sitting in different places, but it is also secure and cost-effective. Today’s intranet connects employees with each other on one platform where they communicate with each other, discuss their ideas, and share files.

A well-established intranet includes lots of other features, such as

  • Employee directory
  • Employee ID
  • Live chat among employees
  • Calendar, Help desk
  • Mobile intranet
  • Message boards
  • Forums
  • News and events
  • Content update
  • Employee feed
  • Alerts

When it is about communication, employees can use the intranet network to talk, discuss plans, and plan a group discussion. They can also share information in the form of text or audio-video files.

You can use the intranet services of Creative Web Mall to have a modern intranet with lots of features. The company identifies your intranet requirements and plans an intranet solution according to that. Developers ensure that the intranet software they are giving is interactive, user-friendly and with lots of features to avail.



So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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