What is Appraisal Letter?

Meaning & Definition

Appraisal Letter

An appraisal letter is a formal document or communication provided by an employer to an employee, typically as part of the performance appraisal process. This letter conveys feedback, assessment, and evaluation of the employee’s job performance over a specified period. It is an essential component of the performance management and feedback process within an organization.

Key elements typically included in an appraisal letter may consist of:

  • Introduction

The letter typically starts with a formal salutation and an introductory paragraph that outlines the purpose of the letter.

  • Review Period

The appraisal letter often specifies the period under review, such as the past year or a specific time frame.

  • Performance Assessment

The letter includes an evaluation of the employee’s performance, addressing both strengths and areas for improvement. It may use a rating scale, specific metrics, or narrative descriptions.

  • Accomplishments

The letter may highlight notable accomplishments and achievements during the review period.

  • Areas for Improvement

It may point out specific areas or behaviors where the employee can improve or develop.

  • Development Goals

Appraisal letters often include a discussion of the employee’s goals for future development and improvement.

  • Feedback and Discussion

It may reference conversations or discussions that took place during the performance review meeting between the employee and their supervisor.

  • Recognition and Appreciation

The letter may express recognition and appreciation for the employee’s contributions and efforts.

  • Suggestions for Career Growth

Some appraisal letters may include suggestions for the employee’s career growth and potential opportunities for advancement within the organization.

  • Overall Rating

In some cases, the letter may provide an overall performance rating or recommendation for salary increases or promotions.

  • Action Items

The letter may outline any specific action items, tasks, or objectives that the employee and the manager have agreed upon.

  • Signature

The letter is typically signed by the employee’s supervisor or manager, and sometimes by the employee to acknowledge receipt and understanding of the content.

Appraisal letters are a valuable tool in the performance management process, as they provide a written record of the evaluation, feedback, and goals discussed during the performance review. These letters help facilitate clear communication between the employee and their manager and can serve as a reference point for future assessments and career development discussions.

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