Advantages / Pros over Share point: Disadvantages / Cons

Date: 11-Jan-2020


Following are the points that show why organizations prefer Creative Social Intranet over Sharepoint

  • SharePoint licenses are very high costs of CAPEX + OPEX investments. Please compare the costs of Sharepoint licenses and Creative Social Intranet costs.
  • Getting programmer resources is a nightmare for companies as it is now marked as an ‘outdated tech’ and hence getting experienced resources in SharePoint is very very difficult. This not only raises the costs to make it exorbitantly high for the limited resources available in the market but also increases the company’s dependence on the few options available in this era of high attrition in the IT industry. This reduces the scalability and speed of development.
  • Customizations require heavy programmer dependency. The customizations already paid for and completed are at times wiped out totally post the security or base platform update by Microsoft. Not opting to go for these updates might result in severe security threats to the application. S you end up losing precious Time, Money, and Effort.
  • SharePoint support costs are generally more than 4X of regular ASP.NET support costs, Due to higher resource costs and lower availability of resources.
  • SharePoint-based intranets applications are super slow as coding is not customized to suit your module requirements, But it’s a generic product code for all corporates. We provide custom codes, Use code blocks of only modules used in your application, no junk codes and also use XML to reduce connections and threads to database servers and application servers, thereby increasing the overall performance of the solution.
  • Lower hosting costs are required to host Creative Social Intranet as compared to SharePoint due to lighter code, lighter base frameworks, intensive use of flat files, etc which in turn empowers your servers to withstand more load even with relatively lower config servers as compared to a white elephant called ‘SharePoint’.
  • GUI of the Creative Social Intranet is intuitive and immersive, With a user-friendly UX unlike SharePoint, Our solution doesn’t require much user training as it is created by referring the already popular solutions like Facebook for social posts, Google contacts for Employee directory, Slack for Groups, Uber for employee stickers and appreciation and so on. Most of our corporate clients were already using SharePoint solutions before they migrated to Creative Social Intranet.
  • Active New Feature Development happening with Creative Social Intranet as compared to SharePoint’s fixed-set offering. Every month we are realizing new modules, feature enhancements, and add-on modules. Plus we are open for fully customizable features development and even GUI tweaks to suit every client organization’s requirements.

Sources for the above information:

  • Experiences shared by most of our corporate clients with employees ranging from 600 to 45000 employees ach.
  • Our experiences (Since our inception in the year 2000)  in handling SharePoint projects in the near past.


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