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6 ways for HR department to do less and achieve more

It’s 2018…….Wake up, people. It’s a fact, the competition to get a job is fiercer than ever before. Recruiting is not as black and white as it used to be. Earlier, people knew which were the best companies to work for and the rest would fall in line. However these days, even the biggest companies are finding it difficult to get their first-choice candidates. Getting the perfect suitable match for their recruitment requirement isn’t easy even for the best HR department. Why is this? How to solve this? Creative Social Intranet has come up with an amazing bulletproof methodology of 6 ways for HR department to do less and achieve more


Data Mining & Scraping – Where do you stop when assessing the candidates?

Data Mining: Data mining is basically the process of automatically searching large amounts of information and data for patterns. This means that you already have the information and what you really need to do is analyze the contents to find the useful things you need. This is very different from screen scraping as screen scraping requires you to look for the data, collect it, and then you can analyze it. Data mining also involves a lot of complicated algorithms often based on various statistical methods. This process has nothing to do with how you obtain the data. All it cares Data Mining & Scraping – Where do you stop when assessing the candidates?



An intranet is a private network accessible only to an organization’s staff. It often includes various tools and resources that help employees collaborate, communicate, and manage information within the company. There are two main types of intranet software: SaaS (Software as a Service) intranet and self-hosted intranet. Here’s a detailed explanation of each: SaaS Intranet SaaS (Software as a Service) Intranet refers to intranet software that is hosted and maintained by a third-party service provider. Organizations subscribe to the service and access the intranet through the Internet. Key Features: Self-Hosted Intranet Self-hosted intranet refers to software installed and run on SAAS INTRANET OR SELF HOSTED INTRANET SOFTWARE

Getting programmer resources is a nightmare for companies as it is now marked as an ‘outdated tech’ and hence getting experienced resources in SharePoint is very very difficult. This not only raises the costs to make it exorbitantly high for the limited resources available in the market but also increases the company’s dependence on the few options available in this era of high attrition in the IT industry. This reduces the scalability and speed of development.