12 Features for Internal Communications Apps in 2023

Date: 20-Oct-2023

Internal Comms App Definitely Needs

Wouldn’t it be great if 2023 was your best year yet for employee communications? The right internal comms app will make all the difference (and let you show off the photos of your super adorable pet too).

There are many different platforms out there, and they all come with different features that make them unique from one another – you will need to figure out which platform is best for your organization based on the specific needs of your organization.

In order to choose the best internal communication app for 2023, you are going to need to keep some key features in mind. Here are some of the top must-have features to consider when it comes to choosing your new best friend in internal communications.

1. An Intuitive and Familiar Interface

It is important that you make sure your platform is accessible and inviting. This means looking for solutions with an interface that’s pleasant to use and easy to navigate in order to actually get your employees to actually use the platform you choose.

The ins and outs of complicated programs don’t have to be learned since employees don’t have to take time out of their busy schedules to learn the ins and outs of complicated programs. They can start engaging with their new app right away!

2. A Mobile Application

It is important to meet your deskless workers where they are if you are going to engage them – and that means finding solutions that can be accessed from a smartphone so that they will be engaged. You should also make sure that the solution you choose is mobile-friendly, and that it’s not just a website that can be used on a smartphone if you turn your phone to the side and wait for it to load, but a mobile-first website as well.

The importance of mobile-first is not only relevant for those who work at a desk but also for those who work at a desk. Keeping your employees truly connected in an increasingly remote working world, and encouraging those conversations that are so natural in the office, but become a challenge when people are spread out across multiple locations, is a top priority for any organization.

3. Push Notifications

Of course, keeping your employees properly connected is hugely important for critical communications too. No matter the industry, it’s likely that you’ll need to communicate an important message to your entire staff at some point or another in the course of your business.

Embracing an app that allows you to set up push notifications means that anytime you send out important information you can rest assured that all of the individuals in your organization will receive it, regardless of whether they are using it on their PCs or their phone.

4. Polls and Surveys

Surveys are a great way to assess just how engaged your team is and if changes need to be made in your internal comms and employee experience. Polls can give you a quick insight into your employees’ views when a new policy is being implemented. After all, it’s often the people on the ground who can spot any potential issues that may have been overlooked. Plus, it’s important to give everyone a chance to express their opinions and suggest new ideas. That’s why it’s essential that your communication platform allows for easily accessible surveys and polls, as well as being user-friendly for even the busiest of employees.

5. Effective Communication

Effective communication isn’t just something that comes from the top down. To really get teams firing on all cylinders, there needs to be a platform that allows employees to communicate with each other regardless of location, tackle problems together, and even have a bit of a social connection. Introducing an app that encourages open communication can have a hugely positive impact on employee experience – something you should definitely be keeping in mind for 2023 and beyond. Bonus points if your platform has sociable features like comments, emoji reactions, and even gifs. (which I’m sure everyone around me greatly appreciates).

6. A Delighting Scale

Our CMO is a big believer in the ‘delighting scale’ – he believes that if employees are engaging with a platform on a daily basis, it needs to be something they love and enjoy. It should be a safe, inspiring environment that encourages them to stay involved.

Just like you do with customers, why not extend the same level of delight to your teams? Try to exceed their expectations and exceed the delighting scale. When you’re looking for an internal comms partner, focus on user experience and accessibility – these are essential for success.

7. Focus on Human and Emotional Connection

When it comes to internal communication, focusing on human and emotional connection is key to delivering an amazing employee experience. Show your employees that you value their presence, whether through something as small as wishing them a happy birthday, or through something as big as promoting core values. Treats might be nice, but workers today are looking for more meaningful ways to feel connected to their workplace. With the right internal comms app, you can create an environment of understanding, compassion, and appreciation that your employees will love.

8. Social Media Feeds and Shared Spaces

An employee app with a social feed can be a great way to create a fun, social atmosphere amongst your team, even if they work from home or in different cities or countries. With the ability to post photos of life events, pets, babies, and more, everyone can feel connected in the same way as if they were working together in the same room. And, with unique Spaces such as Creative Social Intranet, Watch & Listen and Recipe Book, your comms team can run engaging campaigns and groups where people can connect over their shared interests.

9. Integrations

By 2023, it’ll be essential for businesses to have a communications platform that integrates with third-party applications. That’s because the digital age has changed the way we work, and having access to the right tech tools is necessary for employees to perform their daily tasks like payroll management and sharing files with colleagues.

However, having too many apps can quickly create an overwhelming and chaotic environment that ultimately hurts the user experience. The best thing you can do is simplify and make life easier for employees. And the best way to do this? Invest in a platform that can provide seamless integration with other applications. This will help ensure that everyone gets the frictionless experience they need and deserve.

10. Podcasts

If you’re looking for a new way to engage with your employees, why not try a podcast? I’m personally a huge fan of Valley Heat, a wacky comedy podcast. But you don’t need to be a horror movie fan to appreciate the value of podcasting – Creative Social Intranet uses its podcasts to give employees the chance to share their favorite three songs and learn more about each other, creating more meaningful connections at work. Why not give it a go and find out what you can discover?

11. Real-time Video Feeds

If your employees are based in multiple locations, the perfect internal comms tool can help them stay connected, enabling them to share experiences and events no matter where they are. For instance, if some members of the team couldn’t make it to an offsite, they could easily join in through a live stream. Video chat can revolutionize your communication strategy, making Town Halls more accessible, allowing for real-time connections, and improving the transparency of leaders.

12. Strong Business Insights

If you’re looking to take your internal communications to the next level, you’ll need to regularly assess your performance. Utilizing the right internal comms app can help you analyze the content you share, whether it’s key updates or a simple thank-you post. Keeping an eye on what resonates with your employees, how they prefer to engage with it, and their thoughts and reactions on any policies you communicate is essential for creating a great internal communications strategy.

Introducing Creative Social Intranet, your Company’s Internal Messaging Platform

Creative Social Intranet is an innovative platform to bring your whole organization together. Its communication capabilities enable employees to share ideas, stay informed about the organization’s mission and values, and come together for team recognition. It’s easy for employees to post updates, ask questions, and give shout-outs – all appearing in a personalized news feed. There are also polls and surveys employees can respond to with a few taps. Plus, our mobile app makes it possible to engage everyone – even those who don’t work behind a desk. To learn more, book a personalized demo and discover how Creative Social Intranet can help supercharge your internal communications and set your organization up for success.


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