6 Ways to Enhance Employee Experience With Technology

Date: 21-Oct-2023

Focusing on your employee experience is more important than ever before. Microsoft’s Work Trend Index shows that 40% of the global workforce may be considering leaving their employer this year, so having a great employee experience could mean the difference between retaining top talent or losing them to another company. Employee experience includes every aspect of working in an organization, such as onboarding, career development, and even how employees feel when they leave.

It directly impacts customer service, engagement, retention, and performance, making it essential for all organizations to prioritize improving the employee experience. Digital transformation can make a huge difference by easing pressures and frustrations for employees. So if you want to attract and keep the best staff, start investing in creating an exceptional employee experience now!

1. Accept flexibility as per business requirements, aided by a customized intranet.

Flexible and hybrid work has become the new normal and is likely to remain in the near future, with 75% of Australian workers expecting employers to support them working from home a couple of days per week so they can still have face-to-face interaction with their colleagues. To make this happen, digital transformation is key for enhancing communication as well as collaboration tools by leveraging modern intranet CMS software that can be tailored to match up with an organization’s way of working.

A great digital employee experience should be available without fail and provide enterprise-level search capability while facilitating effortless collaboration from any location or device. Siloed data must be converted into one single database, allowing users personalized access based on their roles, projects, or teams.

2. Employee feedback should be prioritized and acted upon through different channels.

Seeking feedback from your employees has become an essential component of the modern workplace, especially in light of the pandemic and its related challenges. Additionally, it’s critical to create a safe environment where individuals are comfortable sharing their thoughts and voicing their concerns. Fortunately, digital tools make it easier than ever to obtain insight from your team on both a wide-scale and personal level. Polls, surveys, focus groups, and net promoter score forms can all be administered with ease via tailored employee dashboards. This data can then be analyzed and acted upon; fostering transparency across the organization so employees can remain engaged and enthusiastic about their work.

3. On a daily basis, assist people in finding purpose in their work.

It’s essential that managers provide clear expectations to ensure employees understand their role in the broader picture. From recruitment onwards, a personalized intranet experience can help with this. Through features such as customizable dashboards, workers gain clarity on their micro and macro objectives. This engagement is further supported when feedback is offered regularly; research indicates those who receive this daily are more likely to be engaged than those given yearly reviews or less. Providing feedback doesn’t have to be time-consuming either; videos from management or a digital noticeboard with recent successes suffice.

4. Convert time-consuming processes into simple ones.

Organizations of all sizes can face daily frustrations when using a variety of apps for messaging, document management, customer relationship management, sales tools, learning management, and more. Having to manage multiple logins, copy and paste data, and re-enter information can be compared to death by a thousand cuts when it comes to employee experience.

However, this need not be the case as digital transformation with a suitable enterprise intranet solution means platforms can be integrated into one system – facilitating single sign-on and enabling employees to find what they need quickly. Automated processes are improved, onboarding is smoother and HR processes become effortless with fewer mistakes or miscommunications arising.

5. Personalize digital platforms for employee growth.

Career development is vital for a positive employee experience, and while in-person training can be time-consuming and ineffective, webinars and personalized eLearning modules offer an efficient alternative. Through such a system, users are automatically registered for courses; resources can be organized; and tracking of progress is simplified. Those looking to invest in corporate learning management systems should consider this aspect when selecting an intranet portal solution.

6. Create communication networks to combat burnout.

Employers are realizing that productivity isn’t everything when it comes to employee experience. The Microsoft Work Trend Index shows that even though employees have stayed productive, many of them feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Emails and video chats can make it harder for people to focus on their work, so setting up a structured intranet system could help cut back on distractions. Having project-based workspaces makes it easier to plan out tasks without getting bogged down by emails or conversations. Employees will be better able to concentrate on their work and spend less time dealing with admin.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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