Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Go To Work

Date: 24-May-2018

Getting To Know VR and AR:

VR essentially refers to Virtual Reality, while AR, on the other hand, stands for Augmented Reality. The concepts of VR and AR are now being used extensively in connection to HR. Even though VR has been in practice across different industries to date, AR has started finding a base for itself only now. VR believes in creating a simulative environment so that one gets to enjoy reality in a falsely created arena. The exact opposite is AR, which aims to create a worthwhile alloy between a business function and digitalization so as to exploit the latter to the fullest in order to enjoy wholesome advantages.

VR and AR in HR:

At a very basic level, HR uses VR in order to create a look-alike work environment. After operating in this purposefully created scenario, employees get a chance to understand and interpret the actual. This, in turn, would help them to make better decisions, whether they would like to take the plunge or not.

AR believes in sprinkling tinges of technical support across the HR function. For example, let us say employee performance is captured over particular software. Once AR pops in the picture a couple of add-ons are hooked into the already existing software so as to improve its end result. The idea here is to better a platform, which is otherwise rated as good.

In the case of VR, there is minimal give and take between human resources and tech. However, AR can only function when technology and human resources work in close proximity to each other.

Importance of VR and AR in HR:

VR and AR shower plenty of benefits on human resources. First and foremost, it helps employees with a much-needed direction to proceed with their routine tasks. Likewise, it also broadens their horizons by allowing them to explore various technological platforms, which they were otherwise not well-versed with.

Hence, on a concluding note, we can simply state that the use of VR and AR can certainly help in the overall development of human resources.



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