Train Your Employees To Be Cyber Aware With Micro-Learning

Date: 09-Jul-2019

Regardless of company size, whether big enterprise or small, Micro-learning has been proven to increase security awareness and retention. Being the victim of a cyberattack is a real, potentially devastating threat and thus it has never been more important to arm employees with proper security education and training.

Businesses cannot blame their employees for a breach if they didn’t prepare them for the possible threats properly as it’s common to view employees as the weakest link in an organization’s security defense. So this raises the question of how can you properly prepare employees. Discussing the best practices of cybersecurity in the long hours of meetings can be tedious and ineffective. And when there are so many tasks to do, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to complete long training sessions, nor will employees retain all of the information they need to learn. This is where micro-learning takes place.

What is Micro-Learning?

The concept of providing relevant, targeted, and tailored training with the overall goal of memory retention and behavior change is known as MicroLearning. When it comes to cybersecurity, micro-learning can be aimed at providing employees with the perfect tools that are necessary to spot a threat without burning through the workday. With the help of this targeted approach, employees can become well-versed in whatever topics organizations would like to focus on, in just a fraction of the time. Micro-learning is considered more effective in the long term, especially when approached in a repeated and ongoing trend. The microlearning training is also self-paced, meaning employees can start and revisit modules based on their schedule.

Human Beings = Human Error

Cybersecurity attacks are a result of a company not training its people appropriately. Human beings are prone to error and when it comes to cybersecurity, one wrong click can be dangerous. This arises the need for companies to provide more cybersecurity training to their employees. Cybersecurity should be a priority companywide. It is also important for organizations to remember that not all employees are the same and the basic understanding of cybersecurity can differ. Also, cybersecurity knowledge can be tailored by training, based on the department to make them more relevant and successful.

The Return of Micro-Learning

It’s important to understand that the results of micro-learning and security awareness training will not be immediate, but there is an overall and cumulative benefit to the business’s bottom line. After all, training and education take consistency over time to change behavior.

Not only is a micro-learning approach to security awareness training great for employee awareness, but its implementation makes the organization far more secure and prepared for any cyber threat it may face in the future.



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