Social Intranet: Are They Right For Your Organization?

Date: 06-Sep-2022

Social Intranet Digital Workspace

Employee communication has been transformed by social intranets. It’s no surprise that a social intranet is the digital workplace centerpiece of enterprises, with flexible working arrangements, scattered workforces, and mobile computing becoming the new standard. However, some firms are still unsure if a social intranet would boost productivity or encourage employees to squander time on ineffective activities. Is a social intranet appropriate for every company?

The Most Important Features Of A Social Intranet

Social intranets have two unique characteristics. To begin with, everyone on staff has the capacity to produce material. It may be anything as simple as leaving a comment on a news story or a company blog. Second, rather than focusing on material, the social intranet is built on people. Because of this people-centric approach, each piece of material is linked to a specific employee in some manner.

There are a plethora of excellent modules to pick from. And the good news is that you may pick and choose which ones are suited for your company:

  • Newsfeeds and homepages for companies and teams
  • Notifications, tags, and @mentions are all options.
  • #channels for instant messaging
  • Individual or group activity walls
  • Surveys and quizzes
  • Sharing of files and documents
  • Follow-me functionality
  • Discussion boards, both private and public, as well as collaborative workplaces
  • Employee profiles are included in the staff directory.

The Digital Workplace And Social Intranets

Following Covid-19 and the transition to remote working, intranet social networks have truly taken off. They’ve become a necessary component of the digital workplace. When working in a distributed team, it might be difficult to come up with answers to a problem. It’s also difficult to advance the business marketing plan when employees are located in various states or even nations. Business executives frequently regard social intranets as a time-waster rather than a necessary working tool. So, what really is the truth?

Is Social Intranet Software a Time-Saver or a Productivity Booster?

Managers frequently worry that employees will spend time on their corporate intranet by posting images and conversing about unimportant topics. Many managers are increasingly realizing that fostering an atmosphere where workers can freely express their thoughts and views on a variety of projects and topics is significantly more advantageous.

Social Interaction: Officially or Unofficially

The final conclusion is that social connection on the job is beneficial. Better collaboration and loyalty will follow from developing personal ties. Employees will locate and utilize any of the numerous social tools accessible to them outside if you don’t give them the tools they need through an official corporate social intranet that is practical, helpful, and appealing.

The benefits Of Social Intranet Are For One And All

The advantages extend beyond the confines of the white-collar workplace. Consider blue-collar workers in the field who are connected to the office at all times. Consider going beyond reading the most recent corporate news on their favorite employee’s Facebook page. Consider a technician who is having trouble with a certain task. He may simply seek assistance from his coworkers using the workplace intranet’s chat function. Perhaps he or she recalls someone experiencing a similar issue and writing about a solution.

Processes Can Be Simplified With Effective Social Intranets

Consider an intranet as a place for your workers to interact socially rather than a place for them to work. It offers a platform for streamlining your processes. An intranet consolidates different communication channels, file-sharing platforms, and HR documents onto a single network with a single login.


Without question, social media has a significant impact on today’s society. Businesses must realize and capitalize on this influence in the workplace. The social intranet, rather than being a time-consuming diversion, may improve communication, engagement, and cooperation.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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