RSS Feed Widget

Provide a beautiful and accessible way for your employees to consume external content inside Creative Social Intranet with built-in UI templates.

Easily customize and embed RSS Feed widgets. 

Stream important external newsfeeds inside Creative Social Intranet. Display industry news, company press releases, blog posts, or anything you want. Use the built-in UI templates to provide a beautiful and accessible way for your employees to consume external content—without leaving your intranet.

Related Integration

Data Visualization

Using the Creative Social Intranet RawHTML widget, you can easily show content from third-party APIs.

Direct Links

Use the Creative Social Intranet LaunchPad widget to allow employees to rapidly access places, documents, and third-party apps from a single location.

Dropbox logo


The Dropbox integration for Creative Social Intranet is an easy way to unite all of your documents, right in your intranet.

Dynamic Data Widget

Publish mission-critical data from other platforms inside your intranet with the Creative Social Intranet built-in dynamic data widget.

ELGG logo


Migrate your ELGG blogs, categories, authors, images, and tags instantly into Creative Social Intranet.

Embed Codes

Creative Social Intranet built-in embed code tool enables you to easily display third-party applications wherever you want inside Creative Social Intranet.



Creative Social Intranet APIs are open, public, and powerful for anyone who would like to build a custom integration.

Microsoft Teams logo

Microsoft Teams

With Creative Social Intranet connection with Microsoft Teams, you may start private chats and centralise communications.

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