Data Visualization

Easily display content from third-party APIs using Creative Social Intranet Raw HTML widget.

Data visualization is the presentation of information in a more insightful format

Take customization to the next level with Creative Social Intranet built-in data visualization tool. Display content from third-party APIs using Creative Social Intranet RawHTML widget. Use JavaScript to tie into third party APIs, then display the data using your own custom template.

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Creative Social Intranet File Sync for Microsoft Windows

Creative Social Intranet File Sync for Windows Desktop connects all of your local files to your intranet.

Direct Links

Use the Creative Social Intranet LaunchPad widget to allow employees to rapidly access places, documents, and third-party apps from a single location.

Dropbox logo


The Dropbox integration for Creative Social Intranet is an easy way to unite all of your documents, right in your intranet.

Dynamic Data Widget

Publish mission-critical data from other platforms inside your intranet with the Creative Social Intranet’s built-in dynamic data widget.

ELGG logo


Migrate your ELGG blogs, categories, authors, images, and tags instantly into the Creative Social Intranet.

Embed Codes

Creative Social Intranet’s built-in embed code tool enables you to easily display third-party applications wherever you want inside Creative Social Intranet.