Case Study of Social Intranet for Co-operative Bank

Unified Employee Experience with Social Intranet

See how a leading Indian urban co-operative bank, with over 81 branches nationwide, leveraged a secure on-premise Creative Social Intranet for its 2,500 employees. This solution replaced SharePoint, boosted employee engagement, catered to diverse workforce needs, and maintained robust security.

A unified employee experience platform
The Challenge

A unified platform for all employees

  • Disparate communication channels: Important updates and policies weren’t reaching all employees consistently.
  • Slow Onboarding: New hires faced difficulties navigating the bank’s resources and procedures.
  • Absence of a centralized platform: Collaboration between branches was hindered by a lack of a centralized platform for sharing best practices.
  • Declining Employee Engagement: Disconnected communication channels hampered employee morale and a sense of belonging

20% reduction in time spent searching for information


35% faster onboarding process for new hires


15% increase in employee satisfaction

The Solution

Empowering Collaboration by bridging the gaps with Creative Social intranet in growing urban cooperative banks.

A comprehensive solution to bridge communication gaps, foster a collaborative work environment, and empower its growing workforce. After evaluating various options, they implemented Creative Social Intranet as their central communication platform, catering to their 2500 employees across all branches.

Creative Social Intranet provided with a robust set of features designed to streamline communication, enhance collaboration, and empower employees:
  • Multi-level Content Management System (CMS): a centralized repository for company news, announcements, policies, and documents, ensuring everyone has access to the latest information
  • User Management with Active Directory Integration: Streamlined user account creation, editing, and access control for the bank’s 2500 employees.
  • Social Networking Features: Discussion forums, groups, and employee profiles fostered knowledge sharing, collaboration, and a sense of community.
  • Knowledge Base Management: A dedicated knowledge base section allowed employees to easily access frequently asked questions (FAQs), best practices, and internal resources.
  • Download Management with Access Controls: Secure file sharing with permissions ensured only authorized employees could access sensitive documents.