Intranet software for smart-phones

Date: 20-Jan-2018

The task of an employer does not end after installing intranet in the premises of the company. With employees traveling or working from home, it becomes imperative to provide them with a solution that keeps them connected to the office at all times. A mobile phone is one device which almost everyone owns and carries with them at all times. This brings to light the importance of introducing mobile intranet software for improved networking. Here’s how making intranet responsive to smartphones poses beneficial for an organization:

Swift Response

The platform of a mobile intranet enables an employee to respond to work even while traveling or away from their desktop, thereby promoting active and fast response towards work requirements.


Such software also proves to be cost-effective as funds spent on arranging meetings are saved by hosting online discussion on the intranet chats or its discussion forums.

Hindrance to Work is Removed

In the situation of a power outage or downtime, access on Intranet Connections allows one to connect and collaborate on their intranet through an easy mobile-friendly interface. This helps remove any obstacle to work and keeps the productivity going.

Higher Acceptance

Since this current generation likes to spend most of their leisure time on their phones, it is wise to incorporate office-work on their mobile screens as well. This would garner higher acceptance amongst employees who prefer networking through their mobiles than desktops.

These are some of the major aspects which are a motivation for employers and businesses all over to inculcate mobile intranet. It is further recommended to hire a service provider that offers a customized intranet solution for your company. Creative Web Mall is one such company that provides personalized intranet tools with improved navigation and other such features that best suit the needs of your business.




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