Intranet For Social Networking Within Office: Everything About Development

Date: 12-Jan-2018

Social media has become a part of modern lifestyle. People spend hours of their daily life on various social networking websites. But when they are in office, they have to follow traditional methods to perform their duties. These in-house techniques could be complex for some employees, time-consuming as well as boring. Connecting people within an organization and allowing them to work together using a common platform can be interesting and secure by having advanced social intranet within an organization.

Social intranet network of a company not just connects company employees with each other, but also allows them to communicate, share files and have group discussions in an interesting manner without visiting each other personally.

Engaging employees through an intranet network for social networking within the organization isn’t about creating their accounts over Facebook or Twitter. This could be done through the development of a company’s private social intranet.

What’s Social Networking Through Intranet Within Office?

Social networking through intranet can help employees talk to each other over their digital devices, share files and perform activities for business purposes. Apart from that, the private social network leads to better communication and interaction, knowledge sharing and lots of other features to help employees doing their work.

Development of Intranet For Social Networking Within Office

An intranet within the office can engage with more and more employees if it’s attractive, easy-to-use, easily accessible, and with lots of attractive features. Creative Web Mall can design and develop a social intranet for your company where your company’s logos and other elements are highlighted on the main page to make the intranet your own. Apart from that, its customized features enable you to get it designed as per your business requirements and convenience of your employees.



So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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