Case study of shipping & logistics company

Employee Engagement increased by 152%

Discover how a leading Indian shipping and logistics group revolutionized employee experience for 1,000 employees with Creative Social Intranet. This innovative solution resulted in over $1.5 million in annual savings through increased productivity.

DIs-engaged employees
The Challenge

57% dissatisfied with company internal communication.

With over 1000+ employees across India, with many working remotely on ships, fleets, and autonomously, the employees in the company had a litany of common communication and organization problems, too many emails were being sent to a large group, reducing ownership and causing clutter, and topics would be discussed across several email chains, creating confusion and inconsistency. Ineffective communication caused a rift in teams.

The Solution

An internal Social Network that creates a stronger company culture.

A leading shipping and logistics group of companies worked with us to build a domain that’s easy to use for new employees and admins, and provides a consolidated experience where all their tools and information are accessible. On top of that, they use Creative Social Intranet for chat, notifications, surveys/polls, and employee recognition, and have been able to foster a strong culture of collaboration.

Creative Social Intranet delivered the perfect mobile-access, remote working intranet, enabling them to breakdown the silo mentality and create a proper employee culture between office-based and off-site teams, boosting connectivity and collaboration between teams, and dramatically increasing employee engagement by 152%.

Social Networking intranet for transport company